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HOW IS IT POSSIBLE?” That was the first thing I thought when I listened to Richie Kotzen for the first time!
Seoul, August 2017.
I was spending some days of vacation in South Korea, when suddenly, one day I thought: “Let’s have a check if there is any good concert going on somewhere around!” I explored several sites, basically I did not see anything I knew.
At a certain point, I saw the picture of one guy and his guitar, his name was Richie Kotzen.
I did not know him, but the guitar in the picture gave me some hopes, so I thought to check out something online. I found the video of a live concert from 2015 and I thought to myself, “OK, let’s see…” First song was “War Paint” and… BOOM! I was completely blown away!
I remember playing the entire night the concert, while repeating to myself “How is it possible I don’t know this guy?”. Actually, to be more precise, my thought was (and still is) “How is it possible this guy, with such a talent, is not super well known?” Amazing voice, fantastic guitar, great songwriting. “How is it possible?”
Well I hope many of you know already Richie! If not, listen to ‘War Paint‘ and I am sure you will go straight to listening the entire concert below!
So three days later, I was in a cozy little venue in Seoul, enjoying one of the best concerts ever!
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