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Exactly one month before the release of “The Greatest Mistake Of My Life”, Holding Absence have released a video for their brand new single, “In Circles.

Frontman Lucas Woodland comments: ‘In Circles’ is a really subtly exciting song for our band. Lyrically, it commentates on the mundane and cyclical nature of day to day life… Pointing out just how dangerous it can be to live your life without ambition. With such a strong lyrical vision, we made sure that the song and video followed suit, playing out in an almost hypnotic fashion. We think this track is really special, and will hopefully be enough to encourage people to reach out of their lives a little bit”.

Watch the mesmerising new video for “In Circles” and pre-order The Greatest Mistake Of My Life” now: http://shrptn.co/incircles.

Pre-order ‘In Circles’ Here!

In the band’s own words: “This album is about telling stories that are presented through the lens of hindsight, regret and looking back. There are songs that celebrate life when faced with death, and others that speak to the choices we make about how we live our lives. The fear of love, newfound respect for life and the covering up of depression are all subjects that rear their head. “The Greatest Mistake Of My Life” exercises emotion in many ways, and that was an important thing for us to do, because emotion isn’t rigid – it’s not just love or joy or sadness – it’s a lot of things”.

Lucas Woodland – Vocals
Scott Carey – Guitar
Benjamin Elliott – Bass
Ashley Green – Drums
The Greatest Mistake Of My Life‘ Tracklisting
1. Awake
2. Celebration Song
3. Curse Me With Your Kiss
4. Afterlife
5. Drugs and Love
6. In Circles
7. nomoreroses
8. Beyond Belief
9. Die Alone (In Your Lover’s Arms)
10. phantoms
11. Mourning Song
12. The Greatest Mistake Of My Life


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