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Have you ever asked yourself:

“I want to become a concert photographer but I don’t have a professional photography training (And I don’t want to spend 3 years in school)!“

“I am stuck in my concert photography career, but I don’t know how to reach the next level”

“I want to work as a concert photographer for magazines, but I don’t know how to get there.”

“I would love to shoot for bands directly (backstage and on stage), but they don’t even reply to my emails”

“I need to learn how to use marketing in order to get my photos seen exactly by the right people (e.g. Bands, Managers, Magazine Editors, Huge Brands), but I have no clue how to do it”

“I know that I am struggling with the business side of concert photography, but everything sounds so complicated and I am lost”

You’ll see how Shooting The Rockstars will help you become a successful concert photographer, whether you are just starting out as a hobby (without photography training) or you already have experience in front of the stage.

The best part: you can forget about all the frustrations you had as concert photographer before…
…and learn the new step-by-step system that helps you skyrocket your concert photography career.

These are the exact steps I am using for shooting bands like The Rolling Stones, Metallica or Rammstein.

Matthias Hombauer’s step-by-step guide is unlike anything else available. It’s the first online academy for concert photographers.

Have you ever watched YouTube videos or read a book about concert photography and felt like, “Okay there is a lot of information here…but I don’t know what I need to do first!”?

That’s because far too often people just share one piece of the puzzle. Yes, it’s valuable information, but knowing the best Autofocus Technique won’t help if you need to know how to get into concerts first.

The best training breaks things down into manageable chunks, so that you can take action immediately.

And that’s exactly what Shooting The Rockstars does for you.

Here is what you get:

Shooting The Rockstars is a 8-week step-by-step online training that teaches you how to become a successful concert photographer from scratch. There are 5 modules (more then 30+ hours of exclusive video material) including transcripts/slides, downloads and more and you´ll get access to them on a weekly basis.

In Module 1, which starts immediately when you sign up, Matthias walks you through the basics of concert photography and it covers everything you need to know from buying your first camera equipment to shooting your first concert and building your portfolio, your working asset.

In Module 2, Matthias will  lay down the foundation of your concert photography career by covering topics such as the photo pass, how to behave in the photo pit, camera gear and settings for pros, advanced autofocus techniques, composition and my workflow to get awesome concert photos.

In Module 3 the goal is to blow your mind, because Module 3 is all about working with bands directly and going on tour with them. 99% of all concert photographers will never make it backstage. Matthias Hombauer will show you how to get there and in addition how to shoot on stage.

In Module 4 you’ll become a marketing expert. There are hundreds of thousands of concert photographers worldwide struggling to get noticed. You need to know how to get your work seen (especially on social media) and this is exactly what Module 4 is about.

In Module 5 Matthias Hombauer will reveal the truth about the music business. he will show you how to make money as concert photographer and I’ll give you my personal advice on how to become a successful music photographer as well.


The best part is:
You’ll get access to Matthias Hombauer’s exclusive Shooting The Rockstars Facebook Community with more than 340 students. You can get into the front line with people who are just starting out shooting their first concert, shooting for magazines or selling their work. They are having success and you can learn from their success too.

You’ll get Matthias Hombauer’s complete Rockstar Lightroom preset bundle: 5x Color and 5x Black&White Lightroom Presets for making your RAW files rock with one click! These are exactly the same presets I use for my concert photos all the time and they’ll help you cut your time in front of the computer.

And there will be 3 more Bonuses: Masterclass Video, The Guide To Rockstar Photography Ebook and Implementation Videos which will help you kickstart your career even faster.

I want you to be a star and therefore Matthias Hombauer is there to help you.

And there’s a whole lot more…

Join Shooting The Rockstars here:


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