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HOWLAND HYATT, the brand new, kick ass hard rock band featuring Stet Howland, the iconic power house drummer of Metal Church & formerly WASP, releases 2 new songs. An original called “Eve of Destruction” (stream it HERE) & a killer cover of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” (stream it HERE)!

Howland Hyatt’s single & video for “Eve of Destruction” is a hard rock, edgy anthem fused with a little bit of a punk rock attitude regarding the current state of our world with lockdowns and the need for change. Also, included is an amazing take but true to the original cover of The Beatles’ classic song “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” These 2 songs are out NOW and available on all streaming & downloadable platforms with a full length album to follow in early 2022 from Mindsnap Music, a subsidiary label of Von Artists and distributed by The Orchard/Sony.

Mindsnap Music has recently put out music from the likes of Bomber Alley, Dead By Wednesday and Opus (solo acoustic), with more new music coming early next year with artists like Joey Concepcion, Soldiers of Solace, Joetown & more!

“While most might agree that little good came from our recent lockdown, my bandmate Johnny Hyatt and I have an uplifting tale to the contrary. We used that time to pool our resources to record some music that suited our personal tastes. We had absolutely no expectations, catered to no genre and simply recorded songs. Our final product is an eclectic collection. We feel we pretty much turned friendship into music (if that’s possible). We figured instead of letting our recording studios sit unused, we would invite some friends over and hit the record button. Today we are thankful to announce that we will be releasing this 10 song collection as ‘Howland Hyatt’ via Mindsnap Music. Words can’t express how excited we are to be associated with these top companies [Von Artists; The Orchard/Sony] and staff. None of this would have happened had I not reached out to my bestie ‘Opus’ (Christian F Lawrence) for his opinion on whether we should shop this stuff or just release it ourselves. His confident response was ‘I got you, bro‘. I know exactly what to do, trust me.’ So knowing this man’s reputation, I trusted him. And sure enough, in a matter of days he single-handedly pulled all of this together. I speak proudly on behalf of Johnny, Livio, Jerome, Michael and myself when I say ‘Thank you all.’ We look forward to seeing you on the road,” says Stet Howland.

For fans of Metal Church, WASP, Crue, Skid Row, Foreigner, Rainbow, G’n’R, Tesla, Kix, Cinderella, Great White, Accept & more killer rock-n-roll!!


Stet Howland – drums/vocals

Johnny Hyatt – Guitar/vocals

Jerome Lee – Bass Guitar

Michael T Ross – Keyboards

Livio Gravini – Vocals/guitar

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