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Waiting for their new album “Ghosts”, to be released in march 2014, The Vickers just released their new single “I Don’t Know What it is” and will tour Europe very soon.

“I Don’t Know What It Is” is a kaleidoscopic trip into the mind, a twisty and colourful journey through the lights and shades of the modern life. Follow the whirling bass line, loose yourself within the words and the echoes, as the lyrics say “with my hands, I could touch the sky, I feel the universe”.
“I Don’t Know What It Is” is the second single from the upcoming album “Ghosts” (Release date March 2014 – Black Candy Records / Italy, Rough Trade European distribution, Crash Symbols / US (Cassette Edition), Flake Records / Japan, Ruby Music / Ireland) and it will be released in an exclusive cassette edition produced by the french label Old Vibration Records.
To order the cassette send an e-mail to: oldvibrationsrecords@gmail.com
The Vickers will also tour Europe, here the dates:
03.12 – Tubingen – Epplehaus (GER)
04.12 – Rostock – Peter Weiss Haus (GER) 05.12 – Copenaghen – Drone (DEN) 06.12 – Odense – Bobz (DEN) 07.12 – Berlin – CCCP with The Pharmacy (GER) 10.12 – Lille – Bar Monk’s (FR) 11.12 – Gent – Kinky Star (BE) 13.12 – Harleem – Patronaat (NET) 14.12 – Paris – La Mecanique Ondulatoire (FR) 16.12 – Paris – Showcase @ L’International Records (FR) 17.12 – St. Etienne – Thunderbirds Lounge 42 (FR) 18.12 – Perpignan – L’UBU (FR) 19.12 – Beziers – Nashville Pub (FR) 20.12 – Strasbourg – Mudd club (FR) 21.12 – Heilbronn – Pogo with The Pharmacy (GER)
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