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Kier Kemp is Inklings. After his departure from the globally popular alt-rock group FVK (Fearless Vampire Killers) his emphasis has now moved to thought provoking lyrics accompanied by heavy synth and guitar lines. Alongside compelling visuals, Inklings’ unique sound and energetic live performance exudes confidence. Listen to the new single now on Spotify.

There’s no shying away from challenging stereotypes lyrically and his new single “Ambush” is a perfect reflection of that. Kier says: “‘Ambush’ is about someone close to me that was in an abusive relationship. This someone happened to be a man and it was heart-breaking to see the effect it had on his self-esteem. Men are ‘supposed’ to be strong, the song is from his perspective, the confusion he felt and the need to always blame himself”.

Ambush” is now available via Marshall Records.

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