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tell us more about your new single, Insomia, what inspired its lyrics?


Well much like a lot of our songs they usually start from some autobiographical perspective and then grow into a story. Insomnia was no different, we had actually been working on the music for this then untitled song all day and when I finally got home later that evening I honestly couldn’t sleep.

My body was exhausted however my mind was still very much awake and wired. I finally just got out of bed after about two hours and sat at my desk kind of penciling together what I was observing.

Then from there it became more of a commentary on the games the mind plays on us and the things that we create out of the shadows in the corners of our eyes. All and all I finally got to the chorus tag “I can’t keep my eyelids shut, I am insomnia” at just about dawn.

It was one of those really weird moments where the timing was just way too perfect.



are you happy of the success obtained by your ep “12:31 AM”?


12:31 was such a fun collection of music to work on.


That was really the first time I think the band started to feel comfortable being uncomfortable in the studio.

We got really excited about breathing in a new direction. After it was all written and done the fact that we have such an incredible connection with people all over the world with say a song like “Soul” is just priceless, you know?

So I think it’s safe to say we are pretty thrilled with the way people received 12:31.


do you remember the day you wrote “Soul”?


Soul was written in actual time. I already had a melody in my head for what I wanted the vocal to be and we had already put together a little music but the words came last. I remember looking up at my clock and it actually read 12:31 am and I just wrote about that precise moment in time.

I was actually at my kitchen table that had over due bills pilling up on it, rent was due and things were looking pretty dark but that song was like my statement to the world. That I was still here and that no matter what the circumstances may be I’m still doing what I love, I’m still writing and no one can take that from me.

I never get tired playing that song.


are you currently on tour?


Right now we are putting the finishing touches on all the music but a tour is very much in the works.



what is the best verse you wrote?


This question makes me feel a little like a lyrical narcissist but I do actually have a favorite verse right now.

It’s on a song called Ocean that’s going to be on the new album, it goes:

”inebriate to get off him, strange eyes watch her inside this tangled club, she waits for no one, dances alone with strobe lights illuminating the pain of love.”


and the one of your favorite song?


I think one of my all time favorite songs has to be Jackson Browne’s “Fountain of Sorrow” – I mean talk about an amazing song.

Jackson just paints the room with his words and not to mention the harmonies in the build up. That track gets me every time.



what is behind the lyrics of “burning me out”


I came up with the first verse “my head feels like a car crash, heart still in the wreckage” a few minutes after a huge falling out with someone who was very close to me.

It stems from being so crushed by someone and yet being so close to them at the same time that even though you’re breaking apart on the inside you still want to shelter them from what your feeling.


when you will release your new album?


I’m hoping very soon. We have a few more songs to release before we actually draw the curtain on the whole record so we won’t be leaving people completely empty handed.


photo : Catie Laffon

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