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Finland based prog-rockers WHEEL are delighted to announce details of their latest audio adventure, ‘The Divide EP’ will be released in June. The new music follows on from the 2017 release ‘The Path EP’, these 2 recordings highlight the desire of the band to keep evolving their complex music soundscapes, as dense and hypnotic as they are melodious.

They may be from Finland but the voice of WHEEL is by powerful English vocalist James Lascelles, whose pure and soaring vocal tones set the band apart from many of their Prog rock peers.

The Divide EP was produced and mixed by Jesse Vainio who is the guy behind the sound of almost every successful Finnish artist including tracks with Apocalyptica, Poets Of The Fall and Sunrise Avenue. The intention of The Divide EP was to build on everything achieved with The Path EP, Lead singer James Lascelles explains:

“It’s bigger, and far more collaborative. We’ve pushed ourselves hard and come with some more weird and ambitious stuff!”

The Divide EP will be released on June 1st via Umbrella Productions / Warner ADA. 

Wheel released ‘The Path EP’ last year – check out the track ‘Farewell’ below.


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