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Bumpin’ Uglies was formed by lead singer/guitarist/songwriter Brandon Hardesty in 2008, when he set out to create a sound and an approach that was unique and immediately identifiable.

It’s the same thing every artist says that they want when they form their band, but Bumpin’ Uglies are the rare act that does stand out in every way, making them utterly memorable to everyone the come across.

They incorporate many styles into their music, with a major emphasis on ska, reggae and punk. But they don’t really care what bucket you want to put them in, either you love ‘em or you don’t—it’s your choice to join the party or sit outside instead; and It’s always more fun in the party.

What inspired the verses of  your new song“Crazy”?

I came up with the hook for Crazy after my first big post marriage fight with my wife.

I wanted people to be able to relate to it so I wrote one verse from a guys perspective and one verse from a girls perspective.


How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?

I don’t really have a process, I just record ideas as they come to me. I used to write everything down in black and white composition books, but these days everything goes into the ‘notes’ section of my iPhone.

Way less romantic, but very convenient.


What the last song you wrote was about?

We were on some crazy drive home, like 16 something hours. The hook is like ‘2 hours down and forever to go’, or ‘4 hours down and forever to go’. verses are about the different things we were doing during the drive to kill time.



Is passion for music something that runs in your family or you are the first one?

My mom has always been in to music and the arts. She’s responsible for getting me into it as a child


What are you planning for 2018?

Release this record, do a bunch of touring, and start recording the next batch of songs.


Can you tell us about the lyrics of “Grind”?

That was one of the first songs I wrote. I was working 60+ hours a week waiting tables and writing songs for fun.

There’s not a lot of depth to that song, it’s pretty much about the lifestyle of being in your early twenties and working just so you have enough money to get by and keep the party going.


What is the best lyric ever written for a song?

I don’t need to change my strings cause dirt don’t hurt the way I sing. – Sturgill Simpson


Are you ever scared of revealing, aspects of your  personal experience, to strangers through your music?

I’m not particularly scared of revealing stuff about myself because I try to be an open book throughout all aspects of my life, but if I write about an experience I had with another person it can be a bit frightening.

You never know how someone else will respond to having their business put out there and it would be awful to screw up a relationship because you expose something about someone who is more private with their life.

Unfortunately human interactions makes some of the best and most relatable songs, in my opinion.


What is the best verse you ever wrote?

Hard question, but I really like this one off the new record.

It’s from a song called Optimism in F#

Truth is I’m prone to depression

But a life spent coping has taught me a lesson

Happiness can’t be bought or given

Despite what is missing it’s a life worth living

A billion cells all working together as one

Create the warmth that you feel when you step into the sun

Our existence is a complete phenomenon

So whatever your stressing pales in comparison

Live a life following where your heart leads you

Not mimicking charades displayed on social media

Forget the values society feeds you

There’s no right or wrong, just whatever completes you


If you had to use only one word to define your new album “Beast From The East”, which one would it be?


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