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What inspired the verses of “Curtains”, new song  from your upcoming album?


I had a close friend when I was living in New York.

We were struggling just to stay afloat, but at least we were in it together.

That person ended up catching a huge break and ended up abandoning the friendship. Not just ours, but a lot of people.


How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?


I almost always write the music first. I try and figure out what it wants to be about. Maybe it’s about a friend, family member, myself, but the texture of the music informs the words, in most cases.

What the last song you wrote was about?




Is passion for music something that runs in your family or you are the first one?


They are all music lovers, but no musicians other than myself.


What are you planning for 2018?


Shows, and starting our full length at the end of the year.


Can you tell us about the lyrics of “neverminder”?


That song is about being okay with reality. The last line kind of explains it all “I finally found peace of mind, accepting my defeat”. When you stop holding tightly to a certain future, a better one usually makes itself known.


Do you remember the day you wrote “ Blue Screen Light”?


Yeah, I was in a practice room in China.

True story, I was doing a lot of classical music at the time, singing at the National Center for Performing Arts in Beijing.

The rehearsal space had a really nice grand piano, and I wrote the intro riff and chorus in that room.

The lyrics weren’t written till almost a year later.


What is the best lyric ever written for a song? 


Well, I’m not qualified to claim the “best ever”. But, I certainly have favorites. Right now it’s probably Billy Joel, Summer Highland Falls, “They say that these are not the best of times, but they’re the only times I’ve ever known”.


Are you ever scared of revealing, aspects of your  personal experience, to strangers through your music?


Not really, it’s very liberating and theraputic.


What is the best verse you ever wrote?


I have no idea.


If you had to use only one word to define your new self titled album , which one would it be?


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