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Are you satisfied of the success you obtained with  your album  “What the?!”?

We are more than happy with the response we got for What The?!.

All the songs on the album had its own identity and though it was all written in less than a year I feel some of my best lyrics are on that album. What The?! was more of a live album, the songs are exactly how we perform them live.

We never wanted to add extra elements to make it sound better and later struggle to bring those elements into our live performances. it was introducing the band exactly how we are Live. but that will change on the next ep.

The next one will be a pure studio album.

Is there a link, lyrically speaking, between all its songs?


The only link you would find on What The?! between songs is that none of them are about love.

I never touched the topic ‘Love’ on that album because the emotion itself today is over used and personally used horribly.

The love songs today are more like nursery rhymes for teenagers rather than diving deep into that emotion and taking the listener through a journey they didn’t expect.

So I took the conscious decision not to touch love for the album and test my writing by exploring topics songwriters don’t take that much these days.


When you will release the new EP?


We are half way through at this moment and looks like it should be out mid Jan or Feb.

We’re taking our time with this EP unlike the first album.

This album is truly us examining a new sound and though we’re excited to put it out as soon as we can, we have to be patient and make sure it sounds perfect and the marketing plan is full proof as well.


What inspired the verses of “Live Today”?


Live today was written in literally 2 hours. The words just kept flowing through and I just kept writing. The song was inspired by a priest who I consider a very close friend and a mentor.

His name is Father Joe, he passed earlier this year. He once told me this line that stuck with me he said ‘ You might be breathing Carl but always ask yourself are you living’.

And I used that line exactly like that on the pre chorus of the song.

We’ve got about an average of 60 years or less on the third rock might as well make every moment count. Thats what Live Today is about.

Do you remember writing “Don’t Frikin’ waste my time”?


Oh Hell Yes. When I first came to Dubai and me and Tarek started writing songs for this album I was working in sales, wearing a suit and tie, I felt like that job was draining my soul and it was during my time at this job that I wrote ‘Dont Frikin Waste My Time’.

It talks about telling people that advise you to go against your dreams to piss off.

The pressure of having a stable job will always be there but it doesn’t mean you should let it suck the life out of you and let it make you a robot doing as told every single day.

If you hate what you do, don’t do it.

And “Crazy Town”?


It’s funny how I wrote Crazy Town rather where I wrote Crazy town.

It was on a boring date sitting across this girl who just kept talking about her job and the people there.

I just smiled and nodded and kept wiring down words and sentences about a crazy first date into an unknown world called ‘Crazy Town’. That’s how that happened.


What is the best verse you ever wrote?


That would be for the song ‘Drown With Me’ that talks about the magical journey listening to music allows you to take.

You could be anywhere doing anything but the moment you put on a song it could transport you to another dimension.

Out of place, headphones on  I play a song I’m in..
Outer space look at me I’m floating through the diamonds

Turn that down says the man without a plan who..
Hates the sound, Simon says but who the hell is Simon

Ch: I’m underwater in the ocean of music , Drown With Me.

There’s also a line from the song ‘Let the music take control’ that I love looking back to
‘ A song is a journey, the words are your feet

If you like the destination you can put it on repeat ‘


How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?


For me songwriting is much more than forming rhymes and making it understandable so everyone can sing along.

That’s the world we live in today. For me songwriting is poetry, the ability of an artist to pour out emotion onto a canvas  but making that canvas visible to people who have shared that similar emotion.

I grew up listening to Simon and Garfunkel and Dylan and Lennon Mccartney who wrote poetry and I’d be killing their influence on me if I didn’t take this art seriously.


What is the last song you wrote?


That would be a song for the new EP called ‘ Look out for May’. the song is a letter from a father to his daughter Maylene on her 13th Bday.

13 is always a tricky year for a little girl and her dad being her idol tells her how she’ll take the world on and all she needed to do was believe in herself.

The lyrics has a few twists and turns but I’ll wait for you to hear it when it comes out rather than tell you everything here and spoil it.
What does music mean to you?


A lot of people believe in alternate dimensions and black holes that lead to other worlds.

Well music is my alternate dimension that I travel to every single day. It means everything to me.

My little world that has no one else on it but me.

The power of music is unbelievable and truthfully with the quality of music we hear today I feel people have overlooked it.


What makes you happy in life?


Making music of course. Every time a song is done and I get to hear it, It’s the best feeling ever.

Like a dad getting to hold his kid for the first time. So yes if that’s the best feeling I’ve had then I feel making music is what makes me the happiest

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