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What is the best verse you ever wrote?

I feel like I can never just pick one, but if I have to……. I would say on Wild Wild West. Verse two…


How do you write the lyrics for your songs?

Sometimes I write on my phone, sometimes in a pad.

Can you tell us what inspired the verses of “He aint right”?

Just the whole vibe of the beat and concept.


When you will release a new EP/album?

Top of 2018 you can expect a full EP

How did hip hop change your life?

It put me in a position to take care ofmy family and to tell my life story.


What does music mean for you?

Music is my life. I love it with a passion.


Who is your favorite hip hop artist?

Notorious B.I.G. he was great.


If you could choose between celebrity or fame what would you select?

Rihanna, I simply love that woman.


Do you have a favorite verse (of a song not written by you)?

Oh Naw by Lil Wayne.

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