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Are you happy about the success obtained by your last self-titled album? 

Rob – sure.  At the end of the day “success” is so varied and ends up being how you wanna define it.  For us it still feels like the album just came out and people are discovering it now so there’s still so much room for its reach.

But yeah!  So far we are thrilled with the response and stoked about fans coming to the shows singing the words.
Lauren: I’m just happy we put it out and we were happy with it, haha.


Any crazy/funny behind the scene of its preparation to share with us?

Lauren: Rob likes to pee in bottles in the car.
Rob – I think they mean in regards to the album…


How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?

Rob:  Good question.  It comes in various ways.

Usually the most inspiring moments are when I am in motion.   Like in a car or on a chairlift or a boat or something.  It’s also usually when I don’t have a pen or paper.


What is the best verse you ever wrote?

I’d never claim there was a best but I do like these lyrics from our song Change Your Mind.

Watch them gather ’round,
And squawk at you like birds
Spouting every piece of 2 cent wisdom
like they were golden words
See a lump of clay
maybe they can make a mold
Recite all the lessons
they were once told
And when you look them in the eyes
The thing they don’t realize is
It’s not them
It’s only you
That can change your mind

A broken record’s playing
but nobody cares
They keep spinning words as if I still hear
The sound drifts through my ears
and out into the air
Don’t they see
It’s not them
It’s only me that can change my mind

Information swallows you
but did you hear the breaking news
They say they have the real truth
Costs a pretty penny
but I hear they’re taking payments too
so step right up
They’ll sell it to you

We can wave a flag
and force our views with a gun
But if we don’t walk in their shoes
The problem’s just begun
We can colonize the world
in a hero’s disguise
Push our capital ideals on foreign lives
when all that’s left is a bigger mess
why are we so surprised
It’s not us
It’s only them
That can change their minds


What was the soundtrack to your childhood?

Lauren: Creedence Clearwater Revival. “Born on The Bayou” on repeat, then and now.

Rob: Bob Marley as a kid (my Mum grew up in Jamaica and my grandma was from there).  The soundtrack to Stand By Me.  The Doors.   The soundtrack to Pulp Fiction.

What was the first record you ever bought?

Lauren: “A Chorus Line” Broadway Soundtrack so I could sing “Tits & Ass” along with it and crack up.

Rob:  blur “park life” and weezer “blue album”.   I also bought a cassette single of Ace of Base “All That She Wants” on a street in Paris when I was a little kid.

What has your journey in the music industry been like up to now?

Lauren: I always feel like I am just slowing walking up a giant mountain. But I am enjoying it.

Rob: It has mostly been a hellish nightmare but not all bad.   The record industry has not shown me it is there to love and support artists.

But the great thing is the world is changing and artists don’t have to rely on the industry and establishment like they used to.


What inspired “One More Thrill”?

Rob: the conveyor belt side of society.  This notion of being part of a system that can own you if you let it.  Wanting to break free from it.

Break free from the monotony.   Find your self.   Find your purpose.  Live life to the fullest.


Do you remember the day you wrote “Turn Out The Lights”?

Rob : not really.   But I do remember wanting Lauren involved because I wanted a feminine perspective.

She helped me with the delivery and some of the lyrics.  I feel like a song about sex and lust should definitely have a women’s input even if it is sung by a man.


Are you ever scared of revealing, aspects of your  personal experience, to strangers through your music?

Rob- no, I think it makes it more interesting and relatable.

That’s often what I identify with in songs from other artists.


What inspired “Dizzy”?

Rob: many of our songs have layered meanings so this one, on the surface, is a love song about dancing with that person you are falling for.

Underneath it’s also about what we are going through socially and a commentary on the current state of the world and our “liberties”.

The words are written to encourage us to free our state of mind and shed our fears.

What is the best show you ever played?

Lauren: 2 nights ago. SXSW. A shoebox of a stage, a shoebox of a room. But it was packed with the most badass, vibrant crowd.

We poured sweat, shouted, laughed, screamed together. It was a show I felt like we were all doing as one. And it really blew my mind.

Rob – that was definitely a fun one.  The best  show ive ever played?   I don’t think it has happened yet.

What are your plans for 2018?

Lauren: Touring, baby! On the road most of this year- US, Europe, Festivals. Then releasing new music….

Rob : what Lauren said.   I’m dying to lay like a corpse on a hot beach but I guess that will have to wait.

photo credit Jonas Yuan

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