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RYL: Tell us about your plan for a new album…when it will be?

Krystal Keith: (http://www.KrystalKeith.com) I don’t have a date set but I have been writing and listening to tunes trying to find the perfect group of songs that showcase where I am as an artist now.

I grew a tremendous amount through the process of recording my first album so now, with my debut album and my first big national tour under my belt, I feel more comfortable and in my element.

I was so picky with the songs on the first album because I had a vision of the ablum being eclectic and no song being like another.

I really wanted it to define me by saying “I won’t fit into a mold, I won’t do just one thing, with me, you get it all –rock, blues, soul, old-school, new-school….everything”

I’ve been in the studio a couple times recording for my second album and I’m excited where this project is going.

I’m jumping up and down every time we finish a track because it is like nothing I’ve done before.

RYL: On the last album, we love “Doin’it”, what inspired it?

Krystal Keith: That song was written by my dad, Toby Keith, and his buddy Bobby Pinson.

This song is a blast to sing live and it’s a fun way of tying generations of technology and people together to say, “Everybody’s doin it,” they may all be doin’ it in their own way, but they’re all still doin’ it.

Stereos and waterbeds, Ipods and headphones, back porch beer fridges and mountain moonshine, it covers all the bases. 

RYL: Is there something that ties all the songs of “Whiskey & Lace” ?A common theme?

Krystal Keith: Eclecticism. That was the theme. All the phases that Country music has gone through that impacted who I am as an artist, had a place on this album.

RYL: How did you write “Beautiful Weakness” ? What is the meaning of this song?

Krystal Keith: Beautiful Weakness was actually written by Mica Roberts and Sonya Rutledge. They were also co-writers with me on Daddy Dance With Me.

The first time Beautiful Weakness was played for me, I had such a rush of emotions. It is such a well-written, powerful song.

RYL: how do you, usually, write the lyrics of your songs?

Krystal Keith: Each song is inspired by a moment, witty comment, situation, a story, a person, etc. I keep a list of ideas in my phone.

That list is a mile long at this point but sometimes I’ll write an entire verse or chorus on that list, other times it is just a phrase or a title idea. Then I tell or develop a story around those ideas.

RYL: Which is the best verse you ever wrote?

Krystal Keith: That is nearly impossible to answer. As a writer you are so attached to each song you write. Each song holds a different meaning and a separate but equal sentimental value.

You pull from what you know to write songs so there is a little piece of you in each one.

RYL: How blues influenced your songwriting?

Krystal Keith: I have always been told I have a really bluesy soulful quality in my voice. That is one of the best compliments I can get.

To me, this genre is one of the most emotion evoking of all musical genres because of the way your voice has to run away with a lyric to show pain, joy, love and sadness.

Your voice takes the audience on the journey that the lyrics pave the road for. Because of this, I tend to lean toward ballads or big gritty vocal runs when I’m writing a song for myself.

Those songs are definitely my comfort zone.  

RYL: When you will be touring?

Krystal Keith: I just wrapped up my first big national tour as the opening act for my dad’s Shut Up and Hold On tour.

I’ll still be out on the road doing my own shows this fall but I’m enjoying the little bit of down time that came with the wrap of the tour.

RYL: Which is your favorite rock song?

Krystal Keith: Again, as a musician this is hard to pick. I love everything Janis Joplin, I love the big power ballads of Journey. I’m a huge fan of Aerosmith, The Eagles, Tom Petty….I could go on for days and days.

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