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RYL:  Our favorite song off the album Devil is “Hurry Back Tonight”, what does it mean for you?

LYDIA: This was a very different track for us to be honest. Sometimes things just come out you know, not sure what or who inspired it.   

RYL:  How do you write the lyrics of your songs?

LYDIA: I usually sit down and just hum out randomly against the guitar or whatever is playing until certain lyrics or phrases show themselves. 

RYL:  You recently wrapped up the Illuminate Tour. Can you describe what inspired the tour and what it meant to you?

LYDIA: That tour was a whole lot of fun! Fans are always asking to play songs from Illuminate, some would say it’s the fan favorite album.

The timing finally aligned for us and we were able to create a tour surrounding it. The fan turn out was more than we could have ever expected. 

RYL:  What’s next for Lydia? Are you working on a new album?

LYDIA: We currently are working on and writing a brand new record. We have about 4 songs tracked so far. We are taking our time though and not rushing the process. 

RYL:  What’s is the last song you wrote?

LYDIA: A song I had to finish some loose ends on for a project I’m involved in called “The Cinema”. That record will be out in the next month or so. 

RYL:  What is your favorite song to play live?

LYDIA: Right now I like to play a few different songs live. I guess new ones get you more excited sometimes but it changes from tour to tour. Sometime the older ones are more fun. 

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