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tell us more about your latest album, how was the process of making it?

Basically as soon as we finished recording our first album we started writing and tracking demos for phases.

When we had all the songs written we tracked drums at a studio in Nashville and then finished the rest of the tracks over the next couple months at my home studio In Pennsylvania. 
– Thomas

among all the songs which is the most important for you? Why?

My favorite song would have to be The Wanderer because it does a great job of wrapping up the album by using themes and some melodies from previous songs as well as its own themes. – Thomas

tell us more about the song Pause…

The song starts with an A#  at 200bpm and has an underlining lyrical concept of the life of cats. – Thomas

what is metal music for you?

Metal music is fun to play live because the crowd really gets into it. – Derrick

which is the most important lyric you ever wrote?

I personally think they’re are a lot of great lyrics threw out the album and one great moment is the ending of the song kek.

It’s very well orchestrated musically and lyrically. While telling the story of King Kong’s last breathes, the beginning of each line also spells out “Harambe” (the gorilla that got shot at the Cincinnati Zoo) downwards. 

He’s king of the island, he’s almost god.
A powerful tyrant, he’s almost god.
Ruling the empire, ruling the empire.
Are you still with me? Just keep on hanging by a thread
My concensus will never be clear. Don’t leave me hanging.
Bullets are flying, he’s barely hanging on.
Escape with me. 
– Thomas

what you want to communicate with the song “Mr Mime”?


Mr Mime is about an abusive relationship where the person that is being a abused thinks they need the abuse or they aren’t allowed to speak out and be heard. – Thomas

you are currently in tour… how is it going?

It’s fun getting to tour around the US especially considering we’re corently on tour with our good friends in Doll Skin. It also feels great to be getting a lot of positive feedback from our live shows. -Kris

which was the best gig of your career?

Our best show so far was probably when we opened up for The Shattered Fortress at the 013 in Holland. It was a packed venue with so many people really passionate about music. – Kris

what is your most best kept secret?

Hey man, it wouldn’t be a secret if everyone knew. – Thomas

the best lyric ever written for a song….

“Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?” – Katy Perry


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