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Preparing for the release of their new album “Undivided”, Sondura, a rock metal band from UK, discussed with us about their songwriting and recent successes (http://sonduraofficial.bigcartel.com and https://www.facebook.com/Sonduraofficial).

RYL: You said “we want people to remember our songs”; we believe your ability of writing lyrics is key on making this happen…. How do you write them? What inspires you the most?

Sondura: Most lyrics are inspired by things which happen in everyday life. But sometimes a song comes from a weird dream or something that you read about while other times a whole song can grow from a simple one-line lyric. Sometimes the title comes first or there’s a really great melody which inspires your brain to make a lyric to match it. It’s a magic process – I don’t think anyone truly understands where lyrics come from or how they pop into your head.

RYL: Are you happy about the success obtained so far by your new single “We’re here now”? We believe it is a great song!


Sondura: Thanks! We only put this song out earlier in the year because Classic Rock had put it on a cover-mount and then they also hosted the video on their website. So we thought we should make the track available so that people could buy it. But it will actually be properly released in October as the lead-in track for the album. So we’re very happy with the song and we love the video and we hope it will be well-received.

RYL: Do you remember what inspired you while you were writing its lyrics?

Sondura: It’s basically about being on the road and having a good time but also about missing your friends and your home. There are always lots of “ups and downs” when you’re on the road which is where the lyric about the ferris wheel comes in. Anyone in a band will know about these feelings

RYL: One year after your first album “Live Before You Die”, you will release soon your second album “Undivided”. Can you tell us more about this new challenge?

Sondura: Yeah we’re really looking forward to having the album out there and playing some of its songs out on the road. We’ve been playing a couple of the new songs at recent gigs and they’ve been going down really well so we’re hoping that everyone will like the new album.

It’s always great to play new songs live and get the audiences involved with the new material but it’s a challenge for sure because they won’t know these songs as well as the previous ones and it’s our job to work hard to put them across.

The new album is a progression from the first one and shows a few new angles from the band whilst still being firmly rooted in the essence of Sondura.

RYL: How has your music evolved during these years?

Sondura: Well, we’re always trying to be the best musicians we can be – both in the studio and live onstage – and also write the best songs we can.

We think we’re still pretty much the same band as we were on the last album but Luke joining us has made a difference on the live side so there are always changes going on and we hope that as those changes occur and the band moves along people will move along with us.

RYL: We were just reading a very funny article on NME Magazine titled “Does rock n roll kill brain cells?”. What is your answer on this topic?

Sondura: Don’t know about rock n roll killing brain cells but rock music certainly inhabits a part of the brain where once it has taken hold it’s there for the long-term and that’s why rock fans are so loyal to the bands they love. And anyone who has that part of their brain inhabited by rock music will always recognize another person who has the same – so that’s why rock fans are such a “family” and 100,000 people turn up at Download every year!

RYL: Our favorite song is “You Remain”, can you “dig” more in to its lyrics? It was inspired by a real-life experience?

Sondura: Everyone has experienced loss in their lives – whether it’s a breakup with a girlfriend  or a friend who has died or a relative. So the song’s about loss. But it’s also about the fact that even when people are gone they still remain with us and will always be a part of our lives. There’s a song called “Falling Free” on the first album which deals with the same kind of theme.  

RYL: Summer started, time for you to tour…any plan? London, UK, Europe?

Sondura: UK tour in October to launch the album, then we hope to do more dates before the end of the year. We’d love to tour in Europe.

RYL: Are you making sure to apply in every day of your life the saying “Live Before You  Die” (title of your first album and of one of its songs)?

Sondura: Yes.

RYL: Let’s go back to your new album to be released later this year : “Undivided”, who will produce it?

Sondura: The album was produced by Matt Bond, Martyn “Ginge” Ford and Sondura down at Nott in Pill Studios in Newport and lovely Welsh Wales. Mixed by Martyn “Ginge” Ford and Matt Bond

RYL: How important is the London Rock Scene for your music?

Sondura: We love playing in London and it’s important because it’s the place where bands get reviewed in the press and people from radio and the business in general will come to see you. But there are lots of other towns and venues up and down the country which we also love to play. It’s the fans that make the gigs special for us so as long as they will keep turning up and supporting us we’re happy to play anywhere.

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