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Continuing our discovery of  Italian rock bands, we met “The Playmore”,  from Napoli.

We had an interesting conversation on the concept of “Pump Rock” and they told us their future projects

RYL: The Playmore history is pretty young, the band was just formed one year ago …how you ended up being together?

TP: The Playmore, as it appears today, is the result of a 10 years experience: Bro Joe, Marfz and Gian – respectively drummer, bassist and guitarist – met Pie in 2010. We spent an important amount of time playing, fighting and living together before The Playmore and “Pump Rock” shaped its form.

But the truth is that we met each other up in a cool restaurant, at the same time, same toilet, all together throwing up…

RYL:  Monkey apart (protagonist of your first video “Things”),who is the craziest member of the band?

TP: Honestly, it’s a tough decision! Apart from our roles in the video (www.theplaymore.com/things), you can take few minutes to check the first episode of “The Playmore Who?” on our YouTube channel: it will truly clear your doubts (www.theplaymore.com/who).

By the way, our nicknames are Bro Joe aka “bear of love”, Marfz aka “geek”, Gian aka “woozy guru” and Pie aka “troublemaker”. Don’t mess with us… 😀

RYL: Your first single “Things” talks about greed, one of the deadly sins…. What do you want to communicate with it?

TP: We want to deliver a specific message but we wanted to do it in a seriously ironic way too: we think that it’s a sort of contemporary universal temptation the fact that people are revealing themselves through “things” instead of using their thoughts, their talents or other human beings, “a simple role, consumption and pleasure, our weight in gold despite the diamonds’ glow” tells this modern paradox, the addiction to possession, and it sounds like a monkey business…and there comes the monkey with all its meanings and hidden messages. Do you think it’s flurry and funny? That’s exactly how the world goes: well dress, nice face, good talk and bad attitude. And please do not ask me about politicians and governors…

RYL: Your first album will be titled “Pump Rock”….when it will be released?

TP: When the time comes and the world is ready! 😀
The market is seriously compromised, monopolized, stuffed up, and for a new band every step needs to be strategically measured to be competitive, effective and incisive. We are approaching our “job” in a 2.0 way, as musician and artists as workers and professionals, trying to act differently. Maybe it works, maybe not, but we just wanna play and share our music and passion with the rest of the world.

RYL: Reading your website you are describing your music with the same name…have you created a new genre?

TP: Apart from claiming anything (today calling something “new” or “art” can bring you serious problems!), we found a name aligned with our idea of music and show: powerful energy, people dancing and jumping, seriously ironic and concentric circles. About one year ago one promoter told us after a jam “man…..you pump!”, and we kept that expression with us until “Pump Rock” popped out!
Besides genre, “Pump” is a sort of statement of intentions about what we want to convey: people positively invested by our music, powerful live shows, the need to tell something important in a fresh way, trying to reach as many human beings as possible, and our horizontal attitude about the band, without a structured pyramidal hierarchy.

RYL: You also created a “Pump” community trough your website, what do you expect out of it?

TP: We expect to give them our joy, our thoughts, our funny things and all the good stuff that we give when we play live. It will be a preferred channel to talk directly with us obviously, an exclusive place where people can get free songs, videos and other gifts that won’t be anywhere else online, a place more intimate to share thoughts.

If you want to be one of the first to join go on http://www.theplaymore.com

RYL: Who inspires your music?

TP: The stylistic choices for “Pump Rock” have been inspired by bands like Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party, Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys (don’t make jokes about it!) and Editors. Generally, the music that inspires us it’s an “omnium gatherum”, we are four completely different entities… Let’s just say that Bro Joe is a rapper in disguise, Marfz is an electro addicted, and Pie is still trying to get a ticket for Woodstock. 😉

RYL : You say that playing live is extremely important for you and you give all yourself doing it, so….. when and where we will see you in tour?

TP: We have some important meetings during the next weeks so…fingers crossed! Few gigs apart, even live shows are a mafia today: you can’t play if you don’t have the right friends or the right agency or the right connections, and it ain’t easy to get a show paid, that’s why we are looking for an agency or a label to help us: we are completely independent (not indie) and need support for booking and, maybe, some funds to improve and bring The Playmore to a major level.
Anyway on our Facebook profile http://www.theplaymore.com/facebook you can check all our shows, and if there’s someone interested, even for a cool indoor show, just email us at booking@theplaymore.com

RYL: Your look is very “Reservoir Dogs”, are you so dangerous as well?

TP: Totally: if you don’t follow us, don’t share our video and our name, and don’t buy our music, you’ll see how four italians can be dangerous with a bunch of bananas. And don’t forget “planet of the apes”: we could unleash monkeys if necessary.

RYL: Which is your biggest dream? How you will achieve it?

TP: We are working hard not simply as a band of musician but as a label with just one band in its roster, taking care about our name as a brand too. We don’t want to talk about dreams but about the thrilling challenge and work and sweat that are mandatory if we wanna spread our music to the entire world. We know it’s “a long way to the top if you wanna rock’n’roll”, made by little steps and little victories, but have you ever seen what ants are capable of?
If you wanna follow us on our path come join the Pump community and leave us a message on our socials!

RYL: In the Italian rock music scene , who are the emerging bands you would recommend to follow (apart you of course)?

TP: We have a full list and we are very happy to share it with you. We want to restrict our range on local bands of Naples and around Naples cause our city and area is really really full of great and talented artists Just Google or Facebook or YouTube these bands and enjoy their music!

Rewout, Dreamway Tales, Overflash, Try Walking in My Shoes, Radio Pulp, TheShak&Speares, Gnut, Sonatin For A Jazz Funeral, Bludimetilene, Ephesar, SAV, RFC, Alex Cappiello, Concetto Etico, Seventeen Fahrenheit, Vittoria & Le Malelingue, Corde Oblique, The Collettivo, Sabba & Gli Incensurabili, Atari, JFK & La Sua Bella Bionda, Le Strisce, V-Device, Murmuring, Luigi Benzoino, The Montréals, MetaVerso, Metharia, Low-fi, Nouer, Miriam In Siberia, Brigan, Ivan Granatino, Sabir Project.

RYL: We loved your website: www.theplaymore.com , but tell us something… why so many bananas?

TP: Cause it’s healthy and reminds a dick! Check it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banana

RYL: Good luck guys and we hope to talk with you as soon you will release your debut album!

TP: Thank you for this opportunity and we would be glad to receive feedbacks from Rock Your Lyrics followers, especially on our lyrics obviously! 

Here is a list of contacts:

Official Site: www.theplaymore.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/theplaymore

Twitter: www.twitter.com/theplaymore

Youtube: www.youtube.com/ThePlaymoreOfficial

Instagram: www.instagram.com/theplaymore

Bro Joe, Marfz, Gian, Pie

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