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If you haven’t done it yet you must put in your to-do-list the purchase of their new EP “Time’s running Out”.

The Relapse Symphony, (http://therelapsesymphony.com/) a band from Washington , has all the elements to succeed….the growing number of their fans is just an example….their music is powerful and engaging.

Their lead singer Bret Von Dehl, answered to all our questions today…..

RYL: Your new EP was just released in December last year…are you happy about the success it had so far?

RS: Absolutely, It’s been great for us! It’s been really well recieved by everyone, we haven’t seen a bad review yet and we’re really proud of it.

RYL: Relapse Symphony is considered one of the bands with most potential in the music scene, this thing should give you a great energy isn’t?

RS: That’s really cool to hear, thank you! PLenty of great energy from all of us for sure. We’re living to take this band to the top and I have no doubt that we can!

RYL: Are you working already on a new album?

RS: Yes, we’ve just started going back into the studio a few weeks ago actually. We’re extremely excited about the new material. It’s some of the best stuff we’ve ever written…In my opinion, it’s the best anyone has written.

RYL: So, ready for a tour? You will be at the Sunset Strip Music Festival this august?

RS: We can’t wait to tour! It’s been the dream since we we’re kids! We’ve got something really cool schedualed for the fall so, stay tuned for that. Not sure about SSMF, I’d LOVE to play it but, we haven’t been offered anything yet.

RYL: Can you tell us about how do you write your lyrics?

RS: I usually write lyrics with JC, he’s a genius songwriter. Everything we write is usually just inspired by events that occurred in our lives. It’s always different though, sometimes it just flows right out, other times it’s a line here and there. I don’t like to force anything because I usually end up not liking the result.

RYL: the song “Forgotten” is dedicated to your fans, how you have seen your fan base evolving trough the years? How important is to talk with them for your music?

RS: Well, we’ve only been a band a year so our fan base is still growing all the time. But, our fans are so great and inspiring. They tell us some of the things they go through and I can’t believe how strong some of them are. Not to mention, they are really passionate which, I love!

RYL: You are defining yourself as a “controlled chaos”….. why controlled?

RS: There’s always a method to our madness. See, on one hand we grew up these five, street, rock n roll, completely out of our minds kids but, we had a dream. We always wanted to be huge like our favorite bands. If you have no control, you’re just going to crash and burn.

RYL: the song “Make your move” it is our favorite, it talks about making mistakes …when it was last time you had a “black out night”

RS: Cool to know, thanks! Oh jeez, last time was probably a week or so ago! We got together for rehearsal and afterwards had a bunch of friends come hang, got wasted and we ended up destroying this guy’s car. Sorry about that dude…no I’m not.

RYL: What makes you angry in the today’s music business?

RS: It bums me out that no one really buys records anymore. I grew up in the 90’s when buyimg CD’s was the only option. It’s just harder to do this for a living when no one buys music anymore. Thank you to all the people that do!

RYL: Do you remember the reason why you wrote “Burning bridges” ?

RS: Burning Bridges is a song about the point in any relationship or friendship when you know you just have to take a stand and make a change. People have told us they relate to it as a break up song, but when we wrote it it was actually more about our friends treating us differently as our band started getting bigger.

RYL: What inspires your music composition?

RS: It’s always different. Usually just life really. Music has always been our escape and our way to vent anger and frustration so, writing songs about how we’re feeling about something is our therapy.

RYL: Last question Washington or LA?

RSWe’re DC kids! LA is rad, don’t get me wrong! I like the east coast though…It’s dangerous, cold and moody here. It inspires a lot of emotion. Also, i’m not the biggest fan of hot, sunny weather

photo by Jonathan Thorpe


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