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RYL: tell us everything about your new projects, when a new album?

Ardent Soul: Well we are a rock band made up of five guys that live in Sweden. I’m American and the rest of the guys are Swedish.

So our influences and tastes musically are a little different which gives Ardent Soul its unique take on how we write songs and how we sound. Our debut album came out the 10th of March this year through Blackstream records out of Canada.

Our future plans are to bring Ardent Souls music to the airways worldwide, keep building our fan base and bring the band live to a town or city near you. 

RYL: What inspired “Blood shot eyes”?

Ardent Soul: This is inspired from my own experience with addiction and what I went through. It doesn’t all pertain to me  ome of its about other people I know or have known. So I kind of put it altogether into one character. 

RYL: Is there a common inspiration between all your songs?

Ardent Soul: I would have to say life in general and all aspects of it lyrically speaking.

I’m not one to write about “hey it’s Friday let’s party, get drunk and pick up some chicks”.

I like to write about real issues or events that affect our everyday lives.

That’s what comes natural to me lyrically. Musically we love to put a lot of depth in what we write mixing all types of what’s classified to be under the Rock genre (hard, soft or classic rock), you’ll find a touch of soul here and there, a little taste of pop can be found sometimes, we like putting twists in as many places as possible in our songs, we are big on dynamics and really try to give the listener everything they want when listening to a song.

RYL:  Do you remember how the lyrics of “All of us” have been written?

Ardent Soul-1

Ardent Soul: This song is totally influenced from the passing of Whitney Houston and the struggles she had been going through. The verses relating directly to her and the choruses relating more to all of us wanting love and devotion and seeing this as a cure for problems such as addiction.

And then when a person is or has been getting that type of support one would hope that that should be enough to help those individuals through those hard times but in some cases, as in Whitney’s case in dealing with her addiction, its never enough to save them from their own demise when it seems that they have lost all hope in themselves for recovery.

RYL: how do you, usually, write your songs?

Ardent Soul: I would have to say they usually start off with a melody or a guitar riff. Then from there a chorus or a verse will come out from that.

RYL: what is the meaning behind the verses of “Overcome”?

Ardent Soul: The verses are about abuse in a family through the eyes of a child. What the Child witnesses and has to go through.

Basically what could be going through their minds being a victim of the abusive behavior that’s going on in their home.

RYL: which is your favorite rock song (lyrically speaking)?

Ardent Soul: That would have to be “Only women bleed” by Alice Cooper. What a great well-written song, the lyrics are just amazing.

RYL:  Do you remember the day you started as a band? 

Ardent Soul: Absolutely, just after a few writing sessions between myself (Vince), Staffan the keyboard player and Johan the guitar player and coming up with the first 3 songs (Devine Intervention, Greyhound and Help) we knew at that point we wanted to start a band and take this project to its full potential.

RYL: Which is the last song you wrote (not yet published) ?

Ardent Soul: We are actually in the process of writing new material right now but the last song written that we play as a band, that’s not on our debut record but will be on the next record (its also our opening song in our live set) is called “In Rememberance”.

RYL: tell us about your upcoming tour projects….

Ardent Soul: Right now we are giging in Sweden and a north american tour is being arranged so those details are in the making. For more updates and info follow us on Twitter @ardentsoulband or www.facebook.com/ardentsoulband

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