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Following Cody Frost’s debut single ‘Verbal Warnings’ which made an immediate impact with its sonic boom of electro-pop and punk attitude, comes her latest release, HIGH/BYE,’ representing a softer side to her debut, but continues to stay true to her refreshing defiance and self-empowering charisma.

Last month was a storming start for the young British artist, capped with streaming highlights including a range of international New Music Friday (including North America), Breaking Pop playlists and the cover of the notorious Misfits 2.0 playlist on Spotify. Cody now adds to her burgeoning reputation and catalogue by sharing her second single ‘HIGH/BYE.’ Both singles will feature on her upcoming debut EP, which follows this summer.

Listen to “HIGH/BYE” HERE

“‘HIGH/BYE’ is about that period in your life when you think you might be growing up,” says Cody“When your friends all move to different areas for uni, and when you see them again the conversation is stale and weird. But I didn’t go to uni, so this is based on my experience being stuck at home.”

The single is accompanied with an official music video directed by Naomi Kane who also helmed the ‘Verbal Warnings’ video. It’s a startling visual metaphor for Cody’s personal experiences of being left behind, but one that’s also rooted in just how mundane that time was. Filmed at a bar in Burnley that she worked in at the time, Cody is shown serving drinks before hitting the stage as the evening’s entertainment. But her sense of disillusionment is heightened by her loneliness: she’s the only real person in a bar that’s disconcertingly populated by hastily assembled dummies.

Living in BurnleyCody Frost’s path into music started covering Frank Ocean, Nirvana and Slipknot on YouTube, and busking in Manchester – but it took a while to realize that her passion could become her future. That all changed when she was diagnosed with ADHD. Now able to manage some of the problems that had beset her, it gave Cody the clarity and confidence to hone in on her music with a powerful focus. She further expressed her creativity by working as a tattooist and an artist.

Cody’s journey was assisted by producer Dan Weller (Enter ShikariSikTh) as they unleashed a sonic maelstrom of electro-pop, drum ‘n’ bass, punk and alt-rock, all powered by her uncompromising attitude.

Stay tuned for more news on Cody Frost, including her forthcoming debut EP—coming soon.

New single, ‘HIGH/BYE is out now.


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