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Working on the music business and not knowing about David Geffen is like to work in the art business and not knowing Picasso.

Why we compare David to Pablo? Because David, as the famous spanish artist, is an eclectic personality…a revolutionary for the music business.

The documentary, in almost two hours, discovers his life and fortune, from the early years of his career until today.

The creation of Asylum Records, Geffen Records, DGC Records and ultimately Dreamworks (with Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg) are great achievements that shaped not only the history of music industry, but also the one of entertainment.

In very personal interviews, David shows us also his great humanity and the willingness to help others.

He did it many times with friends and also to complete strangers supporting medical institutions, AIDS Organisations and art and culture associations.

In this very well done documentary by Susan Lacy, there is a lot to discover….if you are music lovers or simply curios to see how a man, with a lot of will and great ability , can become not only billionaire, but also one of the most important men in US.

“Inventing David Geffen” – Susan Lacy – 2012


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