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Ten days ago passing by the Super Sonic in Paris we had the opportunity to see Julie’s Haircut (https://www.facebook.com/julieshaircut/) live…it was definitively one of the most powerful shows we have seen in the last few months!

Once home, we decided to listen more of their music and especially their last album “Invocation and ritual dance of my demon twin”.

Today we interviewed Luca that answered us about the future projects of the band and , of course, about the meaning behind the verses of their songs……

What is behind the title of your last album “invocation and ritual dance of my demon twin”?

It’s some sort of playful crossed reference to Frank Zappa’s song “Invocation and Ritual Dance of the Young Pumpkin” and Kenneth Anger’s film “Invocation of My Demon Brother”.

We like mixing references, it always adds up to new meanings and interpretative possibilities.

how do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?

Nicola draws a lot from his own dreams.

He seems to remember a lot of what he dreams at night, he has very clear and evocative images. Me, I just don’t.

So I have to put some more work into it, and I tend to be influenced by anything that’s crossing my mind at the moment. Some times they’re more specific than others.


which is the best verse you ever wrote?

Oh, wow. Even though it is very old and I would not write anything like it now, I’m still very fond of an old song of mine called “Pass the ashtray”.


I still think its lyrics are witty and effective, it’s humourous but sad at the same time.

More recently, I’m happy with the lyrics to “Orpheus Rising”, it’s about death and the end of things in general hopefully without being too bleak and specific.

Well, maybe it is bleak. It doesn’t say much about anything in particular, but I think the general idea is delivered and I like songs that manage to do that.


and the one of your favorite song ?

Well, lyrics-wise it’s hard to match Bob Dylan, in my opinion.

I wouldn’t pick a single song. The guy’s just won a Nobel prize, so… My other favourite lyricists are Morrissey, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, the usual suspects.

I like Perry Farrell’s work on Jane’s Addiction’s first studio album. And some Robert Smith: “Open” from the album “Wish” has amazing lyrics, really puts you in that situation.

I absolutely love Randy Newman, he’s unique. In more recent years I like Matt Berninger from the National, Jason Williamson of the Sleaford Mods and Father John Misty, even though it seems to me he is lately getting a bit tired of his own character, like he needs refreshing.

If I had to pick just one song I would say “God’s song” by Newman.

and what about “gathering light”?

Nicola wrote the lyrics to that one.

He likes to have this “universal” perspective on things, I notice his lyrics often deal with the human condition as related to the vastity of the unknown, which can be the outside cosmos as much as our inner depths.

He often uses powerful and archetypal images that come from different traditions, like the “eternal wheel” in this particular song.

Like many of our songs this one came from a studio improvisation, so the lyrics and the singing were added only once the song had already been recorded.

It is a usual process for us, it’s only when the singing is put in place that the song actually takes its definitive form.

do you remember the day you wrote “salting traces”?

“Salting Traces” was heavily influenced by a picture I saw that day in a newspaper, of this immigrant weary-looking father bringing his little son on his shoulders.

They looked exhausted and desperate and made me feel like shit. I’m a father myself now, and that picture really struck a nerve.

what does music mean for you?

It’s been and still is a huge part of my life. It is the single passion I wouldn’t know how to live without, really.

are you going on tour soon?

We’ve been touring since the album came out and will continue to do so until the end of october.
Then we’ll take a rest for a few months to work on a film project and then do some more shows next year.

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