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You know the feeling of refusing to do something you feel like you’re supposed to do? It is from this place of resistance the song, “Irreverent,” came to be. After years of casually ignoring God’s prompting to write faith-based music, Christian-rock artist Jodi Essex is ready to answer it boldly with her breakout single, “Irreverent,” released last Friday. A fearless declaration, this song invites listeners not to rebel against God’s calling, but rather to live for Christ in an authentic way that is unapologetic to the world. 

Irreverent is the spirit in which this album was written and put out there for all to hear,” Jodi says. “It’s reveling in a rebel spirit, being fearless, courageous and bold enough to die to yourself every day, furthering the purposes of God.” 

Written and recorded at Uphill Studios in Atlanta, GA alongside Studio Owner, Producer and Drummer Sean Hill (Jamie Grace, Clay Crosse, Landry Cantrell), “Irreverent” is part of a 10-song record that is both guitar-driven and melodic with lyrics that are forthright, yet introspective. Backed by an experienced team of musicians, the single features guitarist and bassist Jadan Sorenson (Angie Stone, Montell Jordan, Crystal Nicole, Sounds of Blackness, Bucky Covington), Pablo Melgar – Keys (touring with FRVR FREE; previously with New Song, Passion, Jesus Culture), Josh Smith (Strings), Jon-Paul Keller – Background Vocals (David and Nicole Binion, BJ Putnam). It was mixed by Sean Hill and mastered by Bob Boyd (Ambient Digital, LLC). 

Although Jodi has been a Christian her entire life, “Irreverent” highlights something she has experienced for years; through her work in entertainment, which included television, film and the pursuit of a more-secular music career, Jodi has felt like her heart and purpose weren’t always in the right place. As doors have opened and closed, Jodi’s music journey has been marked by moments she’s felt God saying, “It doesn’t matter; trust me and my plan for your life.”  

With continued confidence in what God is capable of doing in and through her, Jodi wants listeners to share a sense of empowerment for who they are in Christ through “Irreverent.” By rejecting the fear of what others might say, she hopes this song will be a rockin’ way to worship, whether you’re dressed-up in your Sunday best or a leather jacket with ripped jeans.

There are NO rules about how worship should look, sound or inspire!” Jodi exclaims. “Not everyone will accept, like, or love you. You have to get beyond that with self-acceptance and focus on purposeful importance. You’ve gotta do what’s in your heart…be you, be your authentic self…the way Christ intended you to be.” 

Don’t miss Jodi’s new single, “Irreverent”. Once you’re hooked, stay tuned for subsequent single releases leading up to the arrival of her full album in June 2020, with “Irreverent” as the title track.

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