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After taking some time off the road and to work on other things, Issues returned with “Tapping Out”, a brilliant and bold banger. Perfecting their signature cocktail of metallic groove, hip-hop phrasing, alternative echoes, and edgy pop appeal, the Atlanta outfit delivered an instant irresistible anthem where singer Tyler Carter‘s nimble delivery slips from R&B swagger into hard-hitting heaviness.

“The song was most directly written about ‘Tapping Out’ of a relationship and its context plays to the theme of any type of fighting match”, Carter explains. However, upon collaborating with director Dillon Novak, we felt that aiming the visual towards the idea of fighting with yourself would be more relatable and pack a deeper meaning”.
Carter continues: “Some of the things we wrote about were the real struggles we faced while on a hiatus and while making this album. ‘Win or lose’ is kinda where we are with this, and we have every ounce of our souls set on winning. Over-working, self-doubt, self-hatred, depression and anxiety, and not breathing fresh air enough – all of the things that have been a struggle during this chapter”.


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