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Jared & The Mill have released their fourth track from their forthcoming new full length record – “Hope.” Listen to it live from the Paste Studio. 
Hope” joins a catalogue of songs by the Arizona outfit that focus on finding positivity and light in the world’s murkiest corners and moments. “Soul in Mind” for example was called “authentic” and “open-minded” by Billboard while The Boot called “Break in the Ether” “deeply introspective.
We’re often times victims of our own powerlessness in how life passes through us,” frontman Jared Kolesar reflected on the new song. “I think ‘Hope’ is about the struggle to hold onto the idea that we have power over the flow of our life even though we often don’t.
He continues, “my choice is to then look outward and do my best to enjoy what my immediate reality has to offer, to be the best I can be while trying to be optimistic. Although there is a looming sense of helplessness in the back of my mind, the best I can do is soldier on and make the best of my circumstances. 
All four songs directly reflect the overall welcoming feeling of community and inclusiveness that Jared & The Mill have become known for, reminding us that we’re all in this together.
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