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Knee High Fox is an Alt insanity band out of Los Angeles CA.

Singer Krsy Fox is a front woman with the kind of energy that takes you on a rollercoaster both in the bands recordings and at their live shows.

From singing soft gentle emotional moments, to rapping, to belting big chorus’s and then screaming like a young girl scorned she tells the stories behind their thematic songs.

Their new 2018 full length album ‘JAWBREAKER’ has taken the bands love for electronics, beats, rhythmic rap, alternative sounds, guitars, a lot of low end, and big chorus’s, clever and honest lyrics, and created an experience of ups and downs.

Krsy Fox has always talked about her intense passion for dark cult 90’s movies like ‘The Craft’,  ‘Jawbreaker’, ‘Foxfire’, ‘Girl Interrupted’, and ‘American Beauty’.

She wanted to capture the feeling those films gave her as a young girl within the new album.

“They always effected what has inspired me and the way I looked at visuals and excepted my crazy girl feelings, and my always being a bit of an outsider, even though I’m usually the loudest person in the room”.

With songs like ’WITCH’ that’s a wild ride into Krsy’s darker side, to deep songs like ‘Relapse’ where she lays it all out about a toxic relationship she keeps wanting to slip back into, the new album has something for everyone.

Your new album “Jawbreaker” just came out , can you share with us the most difficult moment of its preparation? Any crazy/funny behind the scene?

We actually got to record this album a little differently and did most of it at my house with our co-producer Greg Johnson.

The most difficult and funny part of making this was probably every single day my cat Witch (Who we actually found and adopted when we were on tour with Marilyn Manson) was so psyched to be in the room with us hanging out while were recording.

But at least once a day she would chew through an important cable and mess up the process.

Needless to say Greg got a lot of paypals for replacing cables at the end of each day…

We actually ended up recording her at the end of the track ‘WITCH’ and also effected her meow in the song ‘Those Girls’ so she made the album haha.

How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?

I write everything based on truth from my life. I sometimes will get inspiration from films that have influenced me also and i’ve been able to relate them to things that have happened to me. Literally every song on this album in a window into me.

Songs like ‘Those Girls’ which literally came from thinking about my friendship with one of my best friends Tuesdai.

We’re the type of friends that bring out the wildness in each other but have THE MOST fun.

We have actually named each other’s lady areas… Thats where the line “Lucy’s sky high” came from.

That’s the name of hers, keep listening to our music and maybe you’ll find out mine! haha! Everyone knows the girls like that…Yeah thats us…


What is the best verse you ever wrote?

That’s a really hard question, I go back and fourth on favorite songs/lyrics etc. But I would definite say I’m really proud of the chorus lyrics in ‘Relapse’.

“And I’m waiting on a relapse don’t send me back to rehab cuz, I just wanna get it all back, when I was so fucked up and in love I’d die for the glory of a rerun”

This song is super honest and therapeutic for me.

It’s about slipping back into a situation with someone you know is so bad for you but you still really miss it.

I feel like everyone has gone through this and I feel like I maybe went through an extreme version of it.


What was the soundtrack to your childhood?

When I discovered Marilyn Manson as a kid that was a game changer for me.

I realized there are people out there that are as weird and different as I’ve always felt.

But lyrically he’s a genius and so poetic. I’ve been so lucky to have gotten to come full circle and tour with him a few times since starting Knee High Fox and spend time with him.

He is an awesome guy and a true rockstar. And I’m not gonna lie I went through a hardcore Spice Girl phase! But who didn’t really…

What was the first record you ever bought?

I have to say it was probably Notorious BIG or any of the Big Shiny Tunes compilation albums.

I’m from Canada and those were huge there. Its how I discovered so many rock bands I love still today. That was always on the top of my Christmas list I gave my parents.

What has your journey in the music industry been like up to now?

Its been kind of a trip. I started out as an actress and was a writer on the side.

I did it more as an outlet for myself. I kind of fell into co-writing with other bands first and ended up having some huge success with bands like Theory Of A Deadman, Halestorm, Pop Evil, etc. I really loved writing with bands and creating something that connected with so many people. I put the acting on hold and formed a band with my bass player Simon.

We became Knee High Fox and it has been such an amazing ride.

Going from writing with so many people who inspire me, and then having my own band where there are absolutely no limits to what I can say and do. It definitely has been really exciting!


What inspired “Peep Hole” ?

Peephole is a song about a dark situation I was in.

It was toxic and abusive from both sides. It was really about hiding who you are and what you’re going through from the outside world.

I liked the image of watching everyone live “normal” lives through a peephole inside your own darkness. And feeling like if you leave your situation it could be even more painful, although ultimately its the right thing.

The good times were so good you try to fight through the really bad ones. I don’t recommend that to anyone!


Do you remember the day you wrote “Those Girls”?

I do remember it clearly!

I was thinking about one of my best friends Tuesdai and I and how insane we can get together.

I thought it was a fun story of love and friendship and insanity.

She’s literally the friend I have dared to kiss a toothless man sleeping on a mattress outside of El Compadre in LA for fun and she did it.

It certainly brightened his day haha! We are terrifying when we get each other going.

I think a lot of people have friends like that but her and I are next level and love each other so much! The craziest part was while I was working out the lyric of the song and about to start singing it she texted me out of nowhere.

Its like she knew without being told. We have always had that connection and I thought we needed a song in our honor!


Are you ever scared of revealing, aspects of your  personal experience, to strangers through your music?

I definitely am a private person but I feel like with music thats the place to lay it all out.

That is what I will leave behind forever when I’m gone. It helps me through a lot of it and can really make me see myself as a whole.

I feel like if I’m not honest and truly putting myself into the songs how could anyone connect to it?

You really realize when you’re truthful how many people come up to you and tell you how much they relate and how much a song can mean to them.

As a writer someone telling you you helped them or “that song is about me!” means more than anything.


What about  “Lovefool”?

Lovefool is a cover by the band ‘The Cardigans’.

It was a song I always loved so much when I was growing up. It was the first song I ever got up and sang karaoke to while my dad drank at the bar haha.

I thought the lyrics always had a dark obsessive undertone and they produced and sang the song so happily. So I thought why not make a dark version of one of my favorites?

What is the best show you ever played?

I think probably the most significant was with Marilyn Manson on the Hell Not Hallelujah tour.

The second show of the tour was at Iron City in Birmingham AL. Before we went on he and I had some drinks and he gave me some really important advice.

That tour was a game changer for us, and I remember going on stage that night tipsy and realizing that this is where I always want to be.

Playing for and amongst people with the passion that I have for music.

That show was so much fun, honestly every night on both tours we did with him were.

We learned so much. And we met so many people on that tour and all of the others we’ve done before that and since that are the reason our band can keep going.

They are more that fans, I know it sounds cheesy but they are our purpose. Without them we’d just be a bunch of idiots with face paint and costumes hopping around…


What are your plans for 2018?

Our plans are to tour like crazy supporting Jawbreaker and make a bunch of fun videos.

This album was a long time coming for us and honestly it turned out exactly how I hoped it would.

We love it and are super proud of it and can’t wait to see all of our people out on the road!

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