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The past two years have seen the world facing tough challenges. The pandemic, the war, earthquakes and tsunamis, all are hardships that have impacted each of us, in a way or another. Through his new single, Jeckel Music sends a message of unity to the world, in the wake of all this suffering. Now, more than ever, we need to stand up for each other and be the voices of those who’ve been silenced or no longer have the power to speak.

Taken from his debut album, ‘Rewilding’, coming out this Summer, ’Unite’ is a song born during the pandemic, in the process of capturing the carousel of feelings Jeckel Music was experiencing. Sadness, frustration, hope and helplessness are the pillars of this song, accompanied by an official music video that illustrating them with scenes from all over the world, the reality of people facing poverty, leaders making decisions that impact millions of lives, activists protesting for the human rights and raising awareness over climate change and mental health.

Keep your coins, I want change!

Stream the song HERE

Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, partly during the pandemic, ‘Rewilding’ is a rock oriented debut album, addressing themes of isolation and escape, while nicely capturing the essence of the music.

In a modern world of fake news and glossy Hollywood movies that are far removed from reality of how most of us are feeling, I have created ‘Rewilding’ as a safe place for myself and the listeners to emerge into anytime we feel like what happens around us becomes too much. It is an album that makes a space and encourages free thinking and to ‘stand up to the man.’ – says Jeckel Music.

Jeckel is a moniker for the artist, a busy father who has written music throughout his life that almost documents realities and absurdities of modern times. Influenced by artists such as Radiohead, Fleet Foxes, U2, The Black Crowes, James Taylor, Robert Plant – Jeckel Music’s wide ranging influences are nicely blended into a truly unique new artist. Hailing from the country that has produced musical talent such as U2, Van Morrison, Hozier, Enya, Sinead O’Connor, The Cranberries – Jeckel Music is a singer-songwriter who crafted his art throughout many years, preparing for the day in which it will be shared with the world. That day is here. Let’s unite into music and make the world a better place for the generations to come!

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