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Do you remember it? you would have listen@ it a millions of times…..

my memory goes to Michael J Fox when in Back to the Future in front to a school party started to rock the floor with a song ” from where I live……”

I love it! “I guess you guys are not ready for that yet….but your kids are going to love it!”…….yes we do

Did you know that Johnny is Johnnie Johnson….. the piano player of Chuck ( Berry) even if…strange to say he didn’t play the piano in this song (but in may others yes…)



So, the song is , in a certain way, autobiographical …… even a “colored boy” became a “country boy” to allow radios to broadcast it…

Anyway Chuck Berry wrote about Johnnie many times: at least 3 additional songs….. “Bye Bye Johnny”, “Go Go Go”, and “Johnny B. Blues










Well, what to say……. listen to it another time and don’t forget to dance!








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