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Caroline is a singer-songwriter with a humble spirit and deep family values.
The daughter of legendary Off-Road Racer, Carl Renezeder, is no stranger to the spotlight but is now stepping into her own as she inspires others through her soulful and humble music.
While studying English at USC, Caroline found that her passion for music and desire to share her gift with the world were becoming overwhelming and decided to put all of her focus and attention into breaking into the music industry and spreading a positive massage through her beautiful melodies and impactful lyrics.
Her sound is wide-ranging from acoustic to trop pop and she remains rooted in her personal values of kindness, love, and helping others wherever she goes.
At just 21 years old, Caroline has already worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and is preparing to release her debut EP that she worked on with Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd.
How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?
It’s different every time. Typically if a song just comes to me it comes first in melody. Then I build up the chords to surround that, then the lyrics.
But I have also been put in situations where I started with a track, beat or simple guitar pattern and developed the song from there.
I think it’s important to be able to know how to write in various different circumstances so you are prepared for anything. The most important part is just going for it and not being afraid.
what is the best verse you ever done?
Thats a tough one. Some of my favorite writing I’ve ever done is off my upcoming EP. So be sure to stay tune for that!
what inspired your latest single “Show Me”?
Show Me was a collaboration between my self and Poo Bear (Jason Boyd). Poo brought in the original concept and we went from there.
Upon initially hearing it, it seems to be a love song between two people. But Poo and I had a bit of a different perspective.
Within literally an hour of meeting each other we discovered we happen to go to the same church and grew up in Christian homes.
Therefore, the motivation behind this sort of love song pulled a lot of influence from Christian worship music. “Show Me The Way” to us meant asking God to show us the way we should live our lives.
Thats the beauty of the song.
It can have so many different meanings. It can be a song about self love, a song about love between someone and someone else.
The consistency is the plea behind the narrative which is wanting to be loved.
what is your favorite Sunday morning record?
My favorite thing to do on Sunday morning is turn on Louis Armstrong. La Vie En Rose/ What are Wonderful World are some of my favorites.
tell us about your upcoming EP…when it will be released? 
This new EP is one of the things I’m most excited for this year! It is going in a more R&B direction than anything I have previously done.
It has been so fun exploring this different side of my voice and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it! We’re set to release in May!
do you like to write songs? What is the best thing of doing it? 
I love writing songs, it’s my form of therapy.
After writing I always seem to have more mental clarity as I typically write about topics that are heavy on my mind.
Things are revealed to me through writing that I didn’t even know I knew!
when you wrote your last song? What inspired it? 
I actually like to keep what inspired my songs pretty secretive.
I want people to feel what they need to feel from my music, not what I intended for them to feel.
Keeping my motives for writing it a secret allows for someone to take what they want from it and apply it to their life, thus allowing them to develop a more personal relationship with it.
what does music mean for you? 
Music is everything.
It is my vehicle to making a difference.
I’ve been given the opportunity and means to have a career in music and therefore, I want to use it in anyway I can to serve people in my community and out of it in an attempt to make the world a better place.
what is your biggest dream? 
I don’t think I can actually answer that other than saying I know I want to do big things, and make a difference.
So my biggest dream is that I can live out whatever it is I am meant to do, which I don’t think you can exactly know.
You just need to work hard, and follow the path that is being set for you, because that is where you will make the biggest impact.
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