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RYL: Few days are diving us from the official release of the new EP “ Just Another Year” of FOREVER AFTER (https://soundcloud.com/foreverafteruk), discover more about their lyrics on our today’s interview…

RYL: is there a link between the lyrics of all the songs included in the new album?

FOREVER AFTER: When it comes to writing lyrics I tend to write about things that have happened that month, I tend to only write from life experience, like friends leaving to go travelling, girlfriends breaking up, rubbish jobs, falling in love etc, that’s the link.

RYL: How do you write the verses of your songs?

FOREVER AFTER:We all get together with ideas and jam them out in our rehearsal studio.
Once we have structures down we demo them and listen back, change things that suck!

RYL: Which was the last song you wrote? It has been published already?

FOREVER AFTER: The last track was ‘She’s leaving’ which was literally being finished the practice before we headed into the studio, and Dom wrote lyrics to it as we went along! I’m so happy how it turned out

RYL: Will your start soon the tour supporting the album?

FOREVER AFTER: We have a couple of warm up shows coming up in mid-August and also a EP release show.
We will be touring the UK in October to help with the EP release.
Also hoping to go back out to mainland Europe next year!

RYL: Tell us everything about “Inhaling, Failing”…..

Harry wrote the main riff and then we all jammed it out together
,Dom wrote the lyrics all about failing to stick to his new year’s resolutions, (cutting out sugar, stop biting his nails and stop smoking)  

RYL: Which is the song that has the deepest meaning for you?

FOREVER AFTER: For me (Dom) its ‘22’ as it’s the story of meeting my girlfriend and falling in love. Also Inhaling, Failing as it pretty much sums up a lot of things I deal with every day.

RYL: Do you remember the day you wrote “ I’ve got Friends”?

FOREVER AFTER: I (Harry) remember writing the main riff on my crappy acoustic guitar, and couldn’t wait to show the guys! It was one of those songs that was just easy to write when we got together. We all brainstormed and wrote it pretty quickly together.

RYL: Do you plan to release a full length album soon?

FOREVER AFTER:Time will tell…. It’s definitely something we’d love to do, but I think it’s still too early for forever after, ask us next year

RYL: which is the best rock song ever written?

FOREVER AFTER:Carry on my wayward son – Kansas

RYL: and the one you really hate?

Creed – With arms wide open

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