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The cover of “HELLA”, the upcoming third LP from Bay Area outfit Just Friends AKA JF Crew, is a quintessential west coast dream: fireworks spitfire their way across a starry night sky while below on the warm pavement, friends watch the explosions from their cars, awash in the warm glow. Vocalist Sam “Sammy” Kless says this ritual of nighttime Californian communion is what “HELLA” is all about. “This is a record to listen to when you’re driving around at night time with your friends, with the person you like, or just by yourself”, Kless explains.

The crew’s latest single “Honey” is practically begging to be taken for one of those rides. It’s a thick, perfumed late-night slow-burn featuring vocalist Brianda E. Goyos León‘s first-ever verse in her native Spanish, while Sacramento hip-hop artist Nate Curry brings an airy, saccharine bridge.

“HELLA” will arrive on March 4 from Pure Noise Records. Pre-order it HERE.

Gamechanger. The term probably doesn’t fit any album better than “HELLA”. Throughout, Just Friends‘ effortlessly weaves marching band brass theatrics, R&B tenderness, funk brashness, and the occasional hard-rock pummeling to create a record that triangulates the sweetest spots between Dua Lipa, Rage Against The Machine, and Brockhampton. It’s bold and bright, with a vibe that alternates between sugary sweet and cheeky citrus sting.


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