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It is since 1966, the year of the creation of “Just like a Woman”, that experts are trying to discover who was this woman very dear to Bob Dylan.

Someone says his wife of that time, some other is thinking about the folk singer Joan Baez, some other again is thinking that it had been dedicated to some young model in the crew of Dylan those days.

The song is one of Bob’s favourite and it appeared in many albums, Rolling Stones consider it as one for the best 250 rock and roll songs of all time.

Can you believe that we are talking about a song that is 46 years old? And still, if you read, verse by verse, you will find so modern.

The song is talking about the relationship between a man and a young girl that acts like a woman in everything she does; the man likes her but not like before, he wants to break up, to leave her …..it is just too much pain.

Maybe Bob Dylan is expecting from her to be a woman, not just to act like one……in facts he says : “she breaks like a little girl”

Just like a woman was released with the album “Blonde on Blonde” the seventh studio album recorded between Nashville and New York.


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