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Have you ever dreamed of being the inspiration of a song? Instead of photos, you could capture now your favourite moment in a song thanks to a brilliant idea born in Nashville, TN.

With the pandemic severely impacting the Music Industry, artists and fans alike had to find new ways to support each other and alternative ways of having fun while no concerts took place.

Kara and Holli, two close friends from Nashville, TN, have tossed around ideas for years about how to create dependable stability within a typically fickle music industry. Both married to two successful musicians who faced touring cancellations during the pandemic, they witnessed the effects it had on many of their friends who had to do jobs that stole from their creative spirit, but made ends meet. That inspired the birth of Song Toast – a platform that brings artists back to their creative nests – the home studios – where they belong, to earn money from what they know how to do best: music.

Toast or Roast? Order your song here: https://www.thesongtoast.com/

Song Toast is a musician centric company, passionate about giving artists a creative outlet to do what they love, while making music fans happy. Whether you have an anniversary coming up, graduation, a wedding or a newborn, the amazingly talented team will weave your thoughts into timeless musical pieces that will capture the joy and emotion of your special moment.

Want to roast your friends through music? Song Toast will do it! A laugh at your friend’s expense while supporting a good cause. “We want to give musicians a way to make money doing what they love, when they want. Through Song Toast, we provide personalised music compositions for any occasion. We offer song toasts- a song honouring a special person and song roasts- a laugh at your friend’s expense. We have incredible musicians who have recorded, produced and toured the world. One of them was on The Voice! We are a female owned business and donate 5% of our annual profit to end violence and inequality against all women and girls.” – Kara and Holli, co-founders of Song Toast.

Hailing from the breathe-music-live-music city of Nashville, Kara and Holli know how important celebrating special moments by the side of your dearest people is. After raising six children and taking care of all the things at home while their husbands were on tour, these two can handle anything. And now they’re bringing you personalised songs to capture the vibe of your unique life events, not just in photos, but in music!

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