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Entitled ‘Catch Me If You Can‘, the gritty rock song features Kesly Karter‘s soulful vocals, pounding basslines and explosive melodies.

‘Catch Me If You Can’ was included in Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist.

Kelsy says, “I want to be an artist that speaks to my generation. If you want a 50-year career then you have to be innovative and ahead of what’s next. The drum patterns and guitar tones on my record definitely veer toward those early Beatles/Stones vibes, but my stories and ideas will always move and grow with me in the modern world.

Citing influences like Queen, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, Karter mixes up a combination of a rebellious nature, a nomadic spirit and enormous talent to create a unique vibe. Karter’s unique vision takes her fans on a journey in a time machine through the great musical acts of an earlier era, seamlessly blending classic vibes with modern influences, creating a new kind of rock&roll.

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