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Straight from Manchester, Kill for Company (http://www.killforcompany.com) is a classical example of “Do it yourself”, they write their songs, play and produce them…..on top of that they also do innovation on their instruments…the “Guibass” is really cool and the sound it is just fantastic!

Are you curious? Do you wanna know more? Then read their interview with us….

RYL: How is the rock scene now in Manchester ? How is it different from the “Madchester” of Stone Roses for instance?

KFC: It’s diverse as far as I can tell. A lot of good bands doing different things.

RYL: How important is technical innovation in the modern rock? It shouldn’t be just a guitar an amp and a pedal?

KFC: It can be less than that, sing acapella for all I care. Even in rock, think John Cooper Clark. Technical innovation can be important, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be liberating having a very simple setup, it forces you to be more creative with what you’ve got. I think if you do use a lot of technology, you should use it for a good reason.

RYL: Tell us about your decision of creating a guitar/bass? It proved to be a great choice! The sound that comes out of it has a great soul!

KFC: Thank you. I had a phase of being interested in different ways to play the guitar, things like putting scissors in the strings, paperclips, elastic bands, playing the guitar with an electric razor, stuff like that. I also messed about with tunings and different string combinations, I’d always wondered what a guitar would sound like with bass strings on. When I mentioned it to my local guitar tech he said that it was a bad idea, so I left it. Then a neighbor gave me an old guitar they had in their basement that they wanted rid of. So that guitar was the chance to try it myself. People weren’t very impressed at first because it didn’t amplify very well and it would sound out of tune. I kept on tweaking it and now it works pretty well. Hearing it through a big PA rig with a good sound tech is very satisfying, the sound is huge.

RYL: You just released your new EP in April titled “Alternative to Living”, which is your main achievement you had with it?

KFC: Probably the gig we had to launch the EP. Everything came together that night, I think its the biggest turn out we’ve had to a gig.


RYL: How different is from the first one titled “Money Now” released in January 2013, how your music evolved?

KFC: This EP is a bit less garage rock than the last EP. This one has a more modern sound with more experimentation, more creative use of effects and tighter more focused rhythms.

RYL: Can you tell us more about the lyrics of the song “Money Now”?

KFC: I was exploring the idea of money as a metaphor. In social groups there seems to be  a sort of social currency that you can use to make friendships. Things like humor, loyalty, looks or intelligence can all act as currency. But different social groups will value things slightly differently, so going to a different social group can be like going to another country, your currency is worth a slightly different amount. The lyrics are based on thoughts around that idea.

RYL: and “Alternative to Living”? What you wanted to communicate with it?

KFC: It was a hot day and I just stayed in, playing guitar. A friend said I should get a life. So I called my song Alternative to Living, about the joys of not living life. It was a productive day, it made me feel very much alive.

RYL: “Decide” is one of our favourite songs, how you ended up creating it? What inspired you?

KFC: I can’t remember much about writing that song, it was done quickly, I think the music came from a jam that we recorded, I wrote a verse and chorus at home and took it to the next rehearsal and wrote the other verses at the rehearsal. I don’t often write that quickly. I remember I was listening to some spaghetti western soundtracks around that time which probably inspired the slow minor feel.

RYL: You will start touring soon, two main important gig coming up and…. Any plan to conquer Europe?

KFC: We have an important gig at the Manchester Roadhouse on Fri June 5th. And Lakefest on Sunday 11th of August.

RYL: It is harder and harder for young bands to become noticeable nowadays, what is the right strategy to follow in your opinion in order to grow the fan base and getting noticed?

KFC: I think getting a good balance between working on your music and working on promotion.

(featured picture by Peter Morrison)

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