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Cornish rockers King Creature release their latest single “Captives” ahead of their November 6th album release. The track is riff fuelled and full of anger, discussing an inner mental battle, “Captives” is a track for anyone that has felt trapped in their lives. Commenting on the track King Creature said: “Captives is the epitome of a mental cage, its the clipping of a partners wings to inhibit their growth as a person, Its like trying to keep your children young forever and never allowing them to blossom. Generally the person holding someone back is really the insecure party and finds solace in somehow keeping a person in mental suspended animation, we have decided to portray this position in our video as a literal cage as this best suits the imagery of our video”.

“The “Captives” video is the physical nod to the mental torture that some people go though in abusive relationships, keeping someone in a cage and feeding them what ever you want be it dog food or information is the power trip of control and changes Bothe the captive and the captor to maintain their roles until the cycle is broken!”.

The band announced their second album “Set The World On Fire” earlier this year having spent lockdown working on most of the record with the help of John Cornfield (Supergrass, Muse) and Mike Exeter (Cradle of Filth, Black Sabbath). Using a converted garage and a lot of determination, the band worked together to produce a gritty hard rock album that  follows on from their 2017 debut “Volume One”.

The album has been a work in progress from the band over the year, whilst they’ve toured with the likes of Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons and Doro. Discussing the wider album the band said: “While the lockdown commenced, everyone at KCHQ knew that now was the time to be productive. We converted HQ into a makeshift studio and worked with our engineer/producer John Cornfield over the internet sending files back and forth, the result was the new album and singles that are all just about to drop. The album is a reflection of the country/world at that time with some coincidental lyrics that gained more notoriety after we had written them. The album in general is pretty deep and somewhat dark, we have made a dynamic shift in our songwriting as we mature and evolve as a band yet we feel the harmonies and structure give the whole thing a lighter feel. In our opinion it’s a step up from our last album”.

The album is available on CD and Vinyl and can be ordered with a limited album artwork t-shirt HERE.


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