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Winning over some of the heavier metal crowds, while touring with Iron Maiden, wasn’t a easy task for Lauren….. if you know her music, you will have no doubt in believing that she just did it great!

She is currently in Los Angeles preparing the release of the first album of her new project “Kingdom of I” (http://kingdomofimusic.com) and today, she answered to our questions:

RYL : When do you expect to finish the new album?

Lauren Harris: It will be coming out next year and I’m really excited about it, it’s a new and different sound for me so I’m excited to share it.

RYL:  So many people are contributing to its release, until now who gave you the best advise?

Lauren Harris: I think the best advise is to do what you truly love doing because nothing else really matters at the end of the day.

RYL:  The first song is “Crying at the disco”, how its lyrics speak to you?

Lauren Harris: The lyrics are so relatable. Everybody has been through this situation at some point in their lives, that’s why I love it so much and connect to it on a personal level because I have been the girl that’s been in a crowd, wherever that may be and have felt completely alone because of stuff I’ve been going through.

RYL: visit Lauren’s sound cloud page to listen to Crying at the disco  https://soundcloud.com/kingdom-of-i/crying-at-the-disco

RYL:  What is rock for you?

Lauren Harris: Rock is completely universal and is the most amazing form of expression. Music is in general but going to a rock concert is like nothing else.

RYL:  You had the opportunity to be in tour with Iron Maiden, what was the hardest thing you had to manage while in tour?

Lauren Harris: The hardest thing for me was winning over some of the heavier crowds, my music has never been metal and in some countries or cities audiences are renowned for being into the heavier side of heavy metal so that was a challenge to win over crowds like that.

RYL:  Which was the craziest audience? Why?

Lauren Harris: I think South America in general have the best audiences, they have the most amazing crazy crowds. The people are 100% into it from start to finish. They are very passionate people.

RYL:  Which is the main target you want to achieve in the future?

Lauren Harris: I just want to do what I love doing and as long as I can do that I’ll be happy.

RYL:  You are British living in Los Angeles, how the American Rock scene is influencing you?

Lauren Harris: A band that I fell in love with in La are Dead Sara, they’re so amazing. It’s always fun to discover new bands and go to gigs.

RYL:  Chateau Marmont, Soho House or Beacher’s Madhouse?

Lauren Harris: haha I like all for different reasons. Beachers Madhouse is true to its name and is really mad. I enjoyed having my picture taken with BigBird. Soho house has the most amazing views over La and Chateau has a really cool vibe.

RYL:  In your opinion, which is the best verse of a song ever written? Why?

Lauren Harris: That is so hard, my favourite ever lyrics in a song are from Wish you were here by Pink Floyd. I particularly love the line “Did you exchange, a walk on part in a war for a lead role in a cage’. I find their lyrics to be so outside the box and mind blowing, they make you sit there and think about things.

RYL:  What is the most important thing in a song?

Lauren Harris: For me, it’s the melody. I think the melody carries the whole song, it’s the melody that really hooks you and draws you to the song.

RYL:  When we will see you next in tour?

Lauren Harris: Next year, I really want to gig again. It’s been a while and it’s the best part of being a musician. 

Website: kingdomofimusic.com
Twitter: twitter.com/koirockband

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