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April 18, 2018 – Last week, Madrid-based rock ‘n’ roll foursome Kurt Baker Combo released their brand-new music video for their single“So Lonely,” from their forthcoming album, “Let’s Go Wild!” out via Wicked Cool Records in partnership with The Orchard on May 18th.
“The Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night had a huge impact on my when I was a kid. It’s still to this day one of my favorite rock ‘n’ roll movies,” Kurt says of the old-school style of the video. “Musically, Power Pop is very rooted in the sound and aesthetic of The Beatles. So, for this clip…which is one of the more power pop tracks on the new record, we aimed to showcase our admiration and influence of the Beatles.”
“So Lonely” is the first single off the Combo’s upcoming album Let’s Go Wild! The brand-new second album by the four-piece group of rock ‘n’ roll ruffians makes their mission abundantly clear. Let’s Go Wild! expands on the primarily power pop foundation of their last effort, 2016’s In Orbit (“a fast-paced, high-energy ride” – The Big Takeover). Let’s Go Wild! finds the foursome stretching out. “We’ve gotten more comfortable playing together since we started in 2014, and with that we’ve been able try out new styles,” Kurt explains.
The prolific live performers will blaze a trail through Europe in support of the record, with shows in France, Germany and Switzerland leading up to the album release, Spanish club shows and festival dates in the spring and throughout the year, plans to return to Norway, Sweden, Italyand other territories where they’ve been well received already, and one or more jaunts to the U.S. in the works before year’s end.
KURT BAKER COMBO is: Kurt Baker – lead vocal, rhythm guitar, keys; Jorge Colldan – lead guitar, backing vocals; Juancho Lopez – bass; Sam Malakian – drums, backing vocals, keys, percussion
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