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Emmer Effer is set to release their debut full-length album, From The Bottom Down, via Felony Records on October 6.

Check out an album teaser video here: https://youtu.be/gURepTz4OVw. Pre-orders will launch next week.

A music video for the track “Two Timer” can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/JSLqyKVyW2E.

On September 3rd the band will be playing a show with several other Felony Records bands at Programme Skate and Sound (2495 E Chapman Ave, Fullerton, California 92831) in Fullerton, CA. The set will be filmed for an upcoming video.

Emmer Effer is a four-piece punk band from Los Angeles, California. Three members of the band were raised on South Bay punk rock, while Jake the drummer was raised on the punk sounds of the Pacific Northwest. This meshing of styles has resulted in a straight forward punk sound that is fast and to the point. Most songs are purposely kept under two minutes and guitar solos will not be found.

Founded in 2012, the band released their first EP, Dead Men Tell No Lies, digitally on their own Emmer Effer Records in 2013. In 2016, Felony Records signed the band and released an EP on vinyl called The People Are The Answer.

Emmer Effer headed back to Screaming Leopard Studios in Hermosa Beach in early 2017 to record their first full length with Ian Peterson, who has previously worked with Pennywise and Chaos Delivery Machine. The band spent a total of four days in the studio recording 19 songs.

The songs on the album harken back to that mid-90s South Bay sound reminiscent of 98 Mute and Pennywise. Lyrically, Emmer Effer’s are a glimpse into the everyday realities that many people go through, such as death, drugs, love, politics, and friendship.



Track listing:

1. Koch Bros.

2. Shredder

3. Prader Willi Syndrome

4. Soldier

5. What Was Your Name?

6. Fight On!

7. Pick A Hand

8. Peanut

9. Futility

10. She Bite

11. Hands Off

12. Sure It Died

13. Copper

14. Sombreros To The Sky

15. Knuckle Smasher

16. Emmer Effer

17. Ten Days Gay

18. Houdini

19. Two-Timer

Emmer Effer




Kevin-Guitar, Vocals




Photo: Tali Winshman

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