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LA-based rock band Liily released new single ‘Odds Are It’s Blue,’ complete with video directed by the band’s Sam De La Torre. Stream it HERE.

Produced by Joe Chicarelli and mixed by Alan Moulder, a highly aggressive single, more strange and abrasive but also far more three dimensional than anything the band has done before. ‘Odds Are it’s Blue’ continues the momentum and still contains the unbridled energy of early shows and singles but feels stripped of anything passive or unintentional. Liily’s Dylan Nash says of the single: “Odds Are it’s Blue is about battling with the fear and indecision that comes with relinquishing all forms of control over one’s life and learning to be comfortable with letting things be and transpire the way they’re supposed to.

Liily recently burst back onto the scene with “I Am Who I Think You Think I Am“, alongside a music video that reflects the manic energy and raucousness of their sound. The single is now available via Southern California indie label Flush Records.

Liily are four Los Angeles musicians- Dylan Nash, Sam De La Torre, Charlie Anastasis & Maxx Morando – who, up until now, were mostly known for their manic and cacophonous live shows. Those performances, alongside a couple of early singles packaged together into an EP entitled ‘I Can Fool Anybody In This Town,’ drove the band to some surprising early successes: performing at Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo, touring across Europe and the United States, then finding themselves on the cover of Spotify and Apple Music’s major rock playlists. But then, as quickly as they appeared, they seemed to vanish.


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