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how do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?
Jake: Hello! and thanks for having me!
On this album *”Letters to my self” I dived deep down, in both Jespers and my own past.
We spent hour after hour just talking about what we wanted to write about, and after a while we got to the obvious conclusion that this album was gonna be very personal.
Jesper talked, sent me emails – as well as handwritten notes on things he wanted to get out of his system.
This triggered me to dig in to my own feelings and in the end all these emotions were mixed into the lyrics in a fantastic way.
This is of course not how I usually write but this was a new thing for me.
I usually let my subconscious mind guide the way as I record the vocal melodies.
There is something mystical with that whole thing.
Instead of just humming the melody I use words but I let my head come up with it on the fly and all of a sudden there is words/meanings or sometimes a whole line that is just like….where the hell did that came from.
And this usually helps me guide the lyrical content to a story line.
tell us more about your new album “Letters to Myself”……
Letters to my self is the proudest moment in my musical career so far! I have NEVER before put so much blood sweat and tears into making music.
I am still exhausted just thinking about how much we pushed our self to the verge, but it was worth it!
what inspired “Karma”? 
I tend to always write my lyrics in a way that you could interpret them from 3 different angles. 
first is that the one reading it should connect with it and feel some kind of  connection to it emotionally.
Second is what it actually means for me
and last is the fact where people make up their own idea of what it means which gives the lyric a brand new life of its own.
Karma has a specific meaning for me and Jesper. its very personal but I don´t wanna go deeper than that. it´s up to the listener to make their opinion about it.

But the song is a mix of what we have been through the last couple of years.

and “Muted Life”?
That song is all about addiction. that is when you try to run from your demons but get cough over and over again.
Falling higher
Stimulate my muted life
Screaming fold your eyes”
It pretty much says it all. you wanna run but you fold your eyes like it would make your problems dissiperar again.
what is the best verse you ever wrote?
The one of am proudest about lyrically talking about the verse is probably Break down and cry – Amaranthe. Its about my daughter. 
and the one of your favorite song? 
For my country – Joey tempest. FANTASTIC lyric!

“You climb a hill
Yet you fall down a mountain
When the truth is hard to face”

what does music mean to you?
It means more to write music then listen to music actually..
For me music is a way to express my self that is only possible within this specific art form.

I love standing on stage to see what the music I have been a part of creating, and what it means to the audience. how something I have written has changed peoples life,

how it can be so powerfull that people rise up on 10 just because they listen to your songs.
Music is a magical tool.
do you remember the day you wrote “Dark Clarity”?
Yes absolutely.
It was first ment to be about my childhood and the fact that I dont know who my real father is. this led me into one of my daily meltdowns.
I live with  death anxiety and all of a sudden I started writing it down on a piece of paper. the first part of the verse came out as I was crying in front of my cubase screens,
“I am loosing all my sympathy
A reflective dance with misery
Cause in 18.000 days
Our own hearts cease to obey”
what makes you happy in life?
My wife and my daughter.  My Daughter is my everything.
She is the one that gives me hope for the future, and all I do today is to make sure she will have a good childhood.
what is the best thing of being on tour ?
I touched the subject a bit earlier, but its absolutely that amazing feeling to be up on stage and receive all that positive energy from the fans.
Without them we would be nothing!
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