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Like Moths to Flames have released a new EP. “Dark Divine Reimagined” was published last week via Rise Records. The EP features three tracks from last year’s album “Dark Divine” performed acoustically.

“To help celebrate the one-year anniversary of “Dark Divine”, we reworked a few of our favorite songs from the record in an acoustic setting”, the band said. “It’s been something we’ve wanted to try since since we started having conversations about the record. This will close out the cycle for us on releases. See you next year!”. 

“Dark Divine Reimagined”
Track Listing:

1.” Empty the Same” (Acoustic)
2. “Even God Has a Hell” (Acoustic)
3. “Nowhere Left to Sink” (Acoustic)

Chris Roetter – Vocals
Jeremy Smith – Guitars
Zach Pishney – Guitars
Aaron Evans – Bass
Greg Diamond – Drums

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