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Canadian punk/rock band Like Pacific will make their hotly-anticipated return this summer with the release of the band’s 2nd full-length album In ‘Spite Of Me‘, which comes out July 27th from Pure Noise Records.

In celebration of the news, the guys have debuted a video for their brand-new single and title track “In Spite of Me”. Watch the video and pre-order the new record HERE.

“When we wrote Distant Like You Asked, I felt super proud of writing an entire full length album but was very nervous. In Spite of Me means more to me than anything I’ve ever done creatively. We worked super hard writing and recording this album. The hardest I’ve ever personally worked”  Jordan Black (vocals)

Like Pacific’s sophomore album, ‘In Spite Of Me‘, features 10 tracks that showcase their best writing to date and further establish them as one of the best punk/rock bands to come out in years. The record also features their previously released single “Sedatives”, which made its debut earlier this year.

 ‘In Spite Of Me’ Artwork & Tracklist

In Spite Of Me
Had It Coming
The Spring
Occupy Your Skin
Consider Me
Something Missing


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