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Post-hardcore quintet LIMBS has shared the title track from their forthcoming debut full-length album  ‘Father’s  Son‘.
The record will be released on April  27th, 2018 via UNFD.

The record gives listeners a dark and brooding look at a young man’s journey out of religion as he comes to terms with both his upbringing and his own actions.

On the new single, vocalist Chris Costanza shares:

This is not only the title track, but the first song written for the record. It’s gone through numerous changes since it’s initial inception, but the core has remained the same. This song was written after coming up with the inital concept for the full length about 3 years ago.”

Originally formed in 2013 under a different moniker, LIMBS released their debut album entitled ‘Dead Ends‘ before undergoing a fairly drastic lineup change. After taking eight months for reformation, LIMBS regrouped and released their sophomore release, ‘Admission‘, in late 2014, to copious amounts  of positive feedback.

The following year LIMBS toured the DIY circuits relentlessly, dropping singles and gaining fans along the way.

After a tour with Saosin, the band recorded a three song EP entitled ‘SLEEP‘, which was mixed by Beau Burchell (Saosin) and mastered by Mike Kalajian, and was eventually re-recorded with Tim McTague (Underoath).

Flash forward to 2018 and LIMBS have found a new home with UNFD, where they will drop their debut album ‘Father’s  Son‘ on April  27th.

A conceptual album following a young man breaking free from his indoctrinated upbringing, the album explores the harm it causes and the strength in reclaiming your own life.

“It’s loosely based off of some of my own personal experiences and feelings” explains frontman Chris Costanza.

“It  begins with the young man feeling distraught and angry after coming to some realizations about his upbringing and the harm it has done to both himself and others. It slowly turns inward as he reflects on himself and takes personal responsibility for his actions and deals with the aftermath of making such a drastic change in his  life”.
Click on ‘Father’s Son’ Artwork to pre-order the debut full-lenght
1.  Fed
2.  Father’s  Son
3.  Abba
4.  Black  Thumb
5.  Twelve  Stones
6.  Weep
7.  Homestead
8.  Sacrament
9.  Crossed
10.  Tangled  Hands
11.  Blister
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