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Liza Anne has released another dreamy summer single, ‘I Wanna Be There,’ from her forthcoming album ‘Bad Vacation’, out July 24th on Arts & Crafts Records. ‘Bad Vacation‘ marks a new sonic direction of sound for Liza and is a hybrid of new wave, art rock and 90s indie grunge-pop, set to establish Liza as a breakthrough independent artist and a bold young voice in mental health self awareness.

‘I Wanna Be There’ is a dream pop love song, with shimmering guitars, synths, and hazy vocals which reflect on relationship hardships, challenges and growth. The song showcases Liza’s unique sonic approach and echoes the sound of her critically acclaimed previous record ‘Fine But Dying.’

Discussing the new song, Liza said, “When something is being outgrown or something is just not meant to work out – those growing pains of separation feel impossible. They can cause such uproar of sadness and isolation and if you’re not the first to feel the “I think we should just leave things off here”, then you’re left to fill in the blanks on your own time.”

Liza added, “Losing someone you love to their own pain is a really strange thing because you might still have that person around physically but the emotional distance you feel looms like a dark cloud in the room.  This song is about feeling the weight of someone else’s sadness and feeling it, inevitably, bring you down too because when you love someone, sometimes you wear their emotions like your own.”

Liza has opened sold out runs with Kacey Musgraves and Ray LaMontagne, made her national television debut on CONAN, and won praise from Hayley Williams who asked Liza to join Paramore on their inaugural Art + Friends festival. Liza recently launched  #EmotionalHealth2020 rallies – a live mental health focused interview series airing weekly on Liza’s Instagram. Each Tuesday at 6 PM CT featuring Liza with friends and collaborators including Half Waif, Caroline Rose and Madison Cunningham, and more on deck for future conversations, including Courtney Marie Andrews.

Bad Vacation is a self aware account of the emotionally difficult years that followed ‘Fine But Dying’’s success. The album reflects on her time on tour and where, fresh out of an exhausting relationship, which took a considerable toll on both her physical and mental health, Liza found herself often at her lowest and gained the insight that she was behaving in a way she learned to be destructive. Liza said, “I was a wreck. I left the relationship and was desperate to find emotional safety in someone else. It felt better to have someone outside of me show me love than sit with myself long enough to learn how to show myself love. I was on a bender for emotional safety, not knowing that I could be my own healing space.

She underwent intensive therapy that led to painful reckonings and valuable epiphanies to write her way out of the panic and anxiety, writing odes to autonomy and self-respect and who she wanted to see in the mirror.

The album was tracked in Kyle Ryan’s studio, Wardenclyffe South, in Nashville (With the exception of ‘Devotion‘ and ‘Desire‘ which were tracked at Kingsize Studios and Chez JMJ), with her touring band (guitarist Robbie Jackson, bassist Josh Gilligan, and drummer Cody Carpenter), alongside Nashville musician, Lou Hayat who creatively contributed to the project, adding french spoken word vocals and synth parts.



East Beach For Fourteen Seconds
Bad Vacation
I Shouldn’t Ghost My Therapist
Terrible Discovery
Change My Mind
Bummer Days
This Chaos, That Feeling
I Wanna Be There
Too Soon

The announcement of the new record comes with a ‘Bad Vacation’ micro-site , including a 1-800 hotline, ‘Bad Vacation’ reading list, ‘Bad Vacation’ playlist, ‘Bad Vacation’ bundles, and more at BadVacation.co where you will learn – A Bad Vacation with Liza Anne is better than a good day anywhere else!


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