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Lizzy Farrall performed at this weekends Five 4 Five Fest which is donating all profits to the “Music Venue Trust” to save music venues from closing permanently.

“I’m very grateful to be asked to play ‘Five4Five Fest’ again” says Farrall. Tom Pullen is a great friend of mine and has put a lot of sweat and tears into helping raise money for NHS and ‘The Music Venue Trust’ via these incredible live stream festivals!”.

Alongside the live stream, Lizzy Farrall is releasing a brilliant video for her cover of “Sabotage” by Beastie Boys.

“Whilst I was was rehearsing for ‘Five4Five Fest’, I was playing around with an idea of doing a  cover for the set and the thought randomly came to me to cover ‘Sabotage’ – Beastie Boys, I turned to my house mate (Tom Hawks) and asked him to help me and it went from there! I decided to do something completely different to what anyone would expect from me, if felt good to show another side to me, a side that I would like to explore more”.


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