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Lizzy Farrall has today released the beautifully dark self-made isolation video for “Okay”, taken from her debut album ‘Bruise’.

“Okay is what I’d call the interlude on the album. The lyrics are very personal and the performance on the track is very raw.  The song itself is based around being stuck in your own head & being forced, because of life situations, to be independent but also discovering whilst doing so, just how much self hate is actually present.  This is also probably more relevant to me now than when I wrote the song” says Lizzy Farrall.

The video is available now on all streaming services.

Lizzy has always had that unflinching approach to words and for her debut album she was able create the sound she wanted to as well by collaborating with Miles Kent (Catch Fire), Chris Curran (PVRIS, Handguns), Anton Delost (Bearings, Seaway), and Brett Romnes (I Am The Avalanche). She isn’t someone who holds back. Nor is she someone who cares what other people think about what she does. She’s also very happy to speak exactly what’s on her mind. All of this made evident on ‘Bruise’.

‘Bruise’ follows Lizzy’s EP ‘Barbados’, which was released summer of last year. Fans can purchase or stream the album on iTunes, Apple Music or Spotify or watch the official music videos for the tracks “Barbados”, “Games” and “Gas Lighting”.

“Bruise”, the debut album from alternative- pop artist Lizzy Farrall is out now through Pure Noise Records.

For more information: www.purenoise.net


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