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Alt-rock duo Local H have shared the stream for their latest album LIFERSFeaturing contributions by an array of respected friends and guests —including Juliana Hatfield, John McCauley of Deer Tick, and legendary rock engineer Steve Albini— LIFERS is the first album from Local H in five years, and the release coincides with the group’s 30 year anniversary (and our collective doom). LIFERS is out now on all DSP’s AntiFragile Music. Physical Orders of the album are available here.

It’s feels kind of weird to have a record coming out while all of this is happening. The only thing that I’ve ever seen that’s been anything close to this is 9/11. Our fourth record was supposed to come out that month in 2001, but after THAT day it got pushed back to the following year. Tour dates got cancelled. A bunch of shit got shut down. At the time, those delays and setbacks felt like everything. Like it was the worst thing that could happen to us. It was childish and more than a little selfish — and I’m ashamed to admit that I even felt that way. 

And now, even MORE shit has been shut down. More people are going to be directly affected. And what’s worse, we can’t gather together and try to make sense of it — not in the way we used to be able to. We can’t go out and see our friends. Most of us can’t even visit our families. On top of that, people are losing their jobs. People are losing their LIVES. So once again, I’m a little ashamed. I’m ashamed to ask anybody to pretend that our little fucking record means anything in this time of great and collective tragedy. 

But you know what? If nothing else, sticking to the schedule and insisting on releasing this record on time has certainly helped keep us sane. All the small mundane tasks that go into promoting a new record —the bios, the interviews, the FaceStagram updates and TwitTube posts (ESPECIALLY when we can’t play live in front of actual people!) —that’s been a lifeline for us. It’s given us a reason to get out of bed. Maybe it’s not much, but it’s something. And we’re grateful for it. We’re also grateful for the feedback that we’ve received and the sense of connection that it’s given us. Even if it’s been transmitted through a screen — it’s felt real. (And we surely can’t be the only band out there that’s felt like this.)

So yeah, it’s weird and it’s silly and it can seem like none of what we’re doing actually means anything. But I’m glad we have a record coming out while all of this is happening.” –Scott Lucas

On the genesis of the album, Lucas explains:

When the re-release of the White Album came out a few years ago, I became re-obsessed all over again. One aspect that really hit me about it (this time) was how it’s not really a concept record — but it feels like a concept record. I wanted to do that with LIFERS. This might be a concept record about the end of the world. Or it might just be a party record with loud guitars and cowbells.

Unlike so many of their peers from the 90s, Local H have refused to slow down. Since the band’s formation in 1990, they have released 8 studio albums, countless EPs and live records, a well-received series of “Mix Tapes” featuring a surprising mix of cover songs, and a steady stream of memorable singles that include “Eddie Vedder”, “Hands On The Bible”, “California Songs” and the rock radio staple “Bound For The Floor”. In addition to all of that, guitarist/vocalist Scott Lucas and drummer Ryan Harding have maintained a near constant international touring schedule — forging a blistering live show that has amassed a loyal and enthusiastic fan base.

LIFERS – Tracklisting: 

01 Patrick Bateman
02 Hold That Thought
03 High Wide And Stupid
04 Turn The Bow
05 Winter Western
06 Beyond The Valley Of Snakes
07 Sunday Best
08 Demon Dreams
09 Farrah
10 Defy And Surrender
11 Innocents


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