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Born and raised in North London, rapper Stratz creates a vibrant sonic palette through his collective fusion of modern hiphop and Jamaican dancehall. His fresh and spicy sound, combined with his lyrical craftsmanship and honest narratives are putting Stratz at the forefront of his genre. 

Stratz draws his verbal inventiveness through past experiences, having spent his youth in a neighbourhood where you find yourself having to constantly look over your shoulder. The rapper reveals, “It is funny to think this is how most of us used to live and scary to know it carries on and worsens”. Having lost his friend, who was killed in a gang incident, Stratz turned to alcohol and struggled with depression. After narrowly escaping a prison sentence, Stratz fell into his music and immersed himself in expressing his emotions through lyrics and melody, saving himself from the environment he was in and evolving into the artist he is today. “The only way I came out of such a bad stage was the constant reminder that I have to live this life for all of us and having such support from my family and music 24/7. I came out of such a bad stage and have now become so prosperous I don’t think Hulk could stop me if he tried”, confides Stratz

Stratz delivers a motivational message in his debut single ‘Likkle More’, embodying the best of his afro-Caribbean roots and London upbringing. Inspired by the likes of Popcaan, Vybz Kartel and Movado, ‘Likkle More’ emits a feel good, summer atmosphere. “I want to mix that unique touch from dancehall into dance music in the UK”, explains the British rapper. Produced by Mayfield Studios in Portsmouth, the track features soulful female vocals, sharp percussion and gritty raw beats, giving it all the ingredients for the perfect summer anthem. Narratively, the single is an ode of encouragement for people to give a little more back in all aspects of life. It’s a reminder for others to be happy, proud and graceful and to help others in anyway they can, as you never know what it could do in the long run. 

With his distinct delivery and relentless energy, Stratz is on the path to create a sound that encompasses everything that is true to him. He describes, “I’ve always had a different style and I think this is what allowed me to develop a unique sense of lyrical development and instead of adding to problems, I try to find the solution”. Stratz is ready to continue his musical journey with ‘Likkle More’ currently available worldwide.
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